Thursday, November 26, 2009

Dining Room

Last night, Kit wanted to start getting the table ready for Thanksgiving Day.

If you're having folks over for Thanksgiving dinner, it's nice to have a Dining Room. Not until recently, did we add a dining room table and chairs to this space. For quite some time, this was merely a walk-through area between our foyer and our main upper level. You had to watch your head as you passed under the hanging fixture.

I would like to give thanks for owning a home, that has a Dining Room, which now also has a dinner table. Now, I just have to wait until 4 o'clock to make use of it. :o)
Happy Thanksgiving everybody.


Beth said...

HaveI told you guys how much I LOVE your chandelier stained glass lamp above your table. That is sooooo my style too. :O)

Johnnny said...

Thank you, Beth. We love our stained glass fixtures. That is one upgrade where you get a lot of bang for your buck. Everything has to be on dimmer switches, however.

There is something special about stained glass, for sure. It either makes me feels like I'm in church, or out at a really cool bar/restaurant. One thing that both of those places have in common: wine and bread are served.

Andry said...

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Johnnny said...

Hi Andry: Thanks for the comment and link to Spacify. I started checking it out and decided I'd like to have one of everything.