Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Idol America

The former Randy Jackson.

American Idol Show Notes from April 25, 2012

Jessica Sanchez: She is only 16. Not enough personal experience to handle winning. Song #1 Bohemian Rhapsody. Just OK. Not great. Seems too immature in depth of spirit & voice. Rock songs ain't her thing. Need to throw this fish back to grow some more. Score: 7.5 / Song #2 Lower softer voice is really nice. Her big-voice high-notes sound tight, weak, and strained. Score: 7

Skylar Laine: She is stocky. A stocky rocker. Song #1 Sang The Show Must Go On. Wowie. She can easily switch from Country to Rock. Like the tone of her voice & how she pronounces her words. Score: 9 / Song #2 Another solid performance. Feels so comfortable on stage. Score: 8

Joshua Ledet: Looks like a cross between Will Smith & Eddie Murphy. Song #1 Was holding an old style mic that looked like a shaver. Pretty good performance if you like him, which I don't (like his shreaking). Score: 7 / Song #2 Shreakfest started out with a mellower voice which was almost enjoyable. Then the obligatory shreakfest ensued. Score: 8

Elise Testone: Dreamy Eyes. Reincarnated 60s rocker. Song #1 Definitely a rocker. Has an incredible instrument. Worthy of Top 5. Great song choice For Elise (as in: Fur Elise by Beethoven) Score: 8 / Song #2 Sang a Jimi Hendrix. Started out too held back. Then she really let it go. Great. Loved it. Score: 9

PhilliPhillips: Has the best name of all the remaining contestants. He'd be fun guy to have a bier with (now that he's 21). Song #1 Not crazy about it. For more than half of it, he just sang along with a choir. I could frickin do that. Narrow-range blues yellfest. Score: 7.5 / Song #2 Finally a Dave Matthewsong! Yes, yes. Cool version, quite respectful of the original. Loved it. Score: 9er

Hollie Cavanagh: Looks like a pixie. Song #1 Sang Save Me. 1st part sucked. 2nd part also sucked. But big high heels! Bad choice of song for her. Score: 6.5 / Song #2 Not impressive. Voice is starting to sound too treble & nazaly. Getting a little tired of her. Score: 7

In Trouble: Joshua, Hollie, Jessica.
Going Home: Hollie

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Long Road Home

Who will be homeward bound?
April 18, 2012 American Idol Show Notes:

Round One
Hollie: Rolling in the Deep, came out of her shell, excellent. Score 9.

Colton: Bad Romance by GaGa, futuristic rocker, liked it, needs to pronounce the end of his words for all the non-deaf listeners. Score: 8.

Elise: No One by Alicia Keys, rough-edge rocker wearing orange curtains, OK but didn't really like it. Score: 7.

Phillip: You Got It Bad by Usher, cool slow Afro-beat, playing 12-string guitar, soulful, growly, true artist. Score: 9.

Jessica: Fallen by Alicia Keys, slow sexy song, pretty good, blended in with backup singers too much, needs more confidence. Score: 8. 

Skylar: Born This Way by GaGa, sounds like a pro, like her country version of any song, good choice, rockin country, effortless. Score: 9.

Joshua: Sang some gospel-sounding song, big notes sound pitchy and strained. Score: 7.

Round Two
Hollie: Son of a Preacher Man, narrow range, OK, nothing special. Score: 7.

Colton: Took a favorite Earth Wind and Fire song and made it his own, but I hated it. It sounded like a long slow ballad instead of the original upbeat clean energy. Sounds like he's crying. Score: 7.

Elise: Let's Get It On, she has an incredible instrument, mature voice, but the judges did not like it, and talked too much, bad sign. Score: 7.

Phillip: Wait Til The Midnight Hour, no guitar, awkward movement, more of the same, one-trick pony? Score: 7.

Jessica: Try A Little Tenderness, stepped out and gave a crazy big-voice performance. Score: 9.

Skylar: Heard It Thru The Grapevine, more of the same countryization of a good choice for her, but she too is a one-trick pony, but has fun up there. Score: 8.

Joshua: Surprisingly chose a Civil Rights song, sounded like a slow gospel which is maybe a good choice for him, but I would not pay to go hear him as the tone of his voice is not pleasing to my ears. Sorry. Score: 6.

Bottom Three: Joshua, Elise, Colton.
Hopefully going home: Joshua.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Seven To Six

Going from Seven 2 Six
American Idol show notes for April 11, 2012 in order of performance:

1. SkyLar Laine: Still improving, strummed a guitar to a country song, delivered the goods, could win it. Score: 8

2. Colton Dixon: Sat at and played a piano, nice controlled performance and vocals, not his normal red-faced pained look. Score: 8

3. Jessica Sanchez: Sat on grand piano, so good, so mature for her young age, wow, she nailed a tough song. Her singing ability is inversely proportional to her size. Score: 8.5

4. Joshua Ledet: Gave a great performance of a Bruno Marvelous song, great song choice, but a few big notes toward the end turned me off. Score: 8

5. Hollie Cavanaugh: My early fave gave a subpar performance, pitchy, too serious of a song choice, judges were awkwardly negative. Score: 7

6. Phillip your tank: More of the same good stuff. Score: 8

7. Elise Navidad: Great song choice to show off her abilites, slow rock song, maintained control. Score: 8

Best of the Night: Jessica!
Could go home: Hollie!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Good Time Charlie

Click on photo for a better look
Back in January, we visited some friends in their new home. My camera took this picture while their first-born enjoyed some spoonfuls of supper. If this photo doesn't get some sort of Blue Ribbon, it certainly gets an Honorable Mention award.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Eight To Seven

Judge not lest ye judge ye not.
My American Idol comments hereby follow, on this 4th day of April 2012:
Skylar moved to the Top Spot - wow!
Hollie is fading.
Joshua's stock rose, a little.
Phillip remains up there.
Jessica started strong but weakened.
Colton needs to pronunciate.
Deandre missed the mark.
Elise needs help.