Saturday, January 30, 2010

So Deep

An Add-On Poem by Kit & Johnnny
Title: So Deep
Date Written: January 29, 2010
(Line 1: Kit, Line 2: Johnnny, etc.)
Copyright © 2010. All rights reserved.

So Deep

Cold is a badger that will not let go
Fright of the bite from which pain will grow
Ice seals us in like a strict quarantine
Sequestered by love for life and caffeine
We pine for the thaw in long underwear
Recline in a chair with never a care
We watch out the window, drifts rise and fall
White waves grow from small to tall
The winter defines us and makes us strong
Windchill will split the right from wrong
That freeze seems so deep, but you are a light
Jacuze in the sun or even better at night
When all those stars wait to be wishes
And all the frogs just wait for some kisses.

An Add-On Poem by Kit & Johnnny
Title: So Deep
Date Written: January 29, 2010
(Line 1: Kit, Line 2: Johnnny, etc.)
Copyright © 2010. All rights reserved.

Fireside Chat

Before Christmas, I was walking through Sam's Club and encountered this scene on a very large TV screen.

You can now have a crackling fire in your home without having to chop any firewood. Even tho I didn't buy it, it's probably a great idea. Why stop there? Perhaps we could have a pet dog in our home without having to feed it or do any nasty cleanup. During the summer, a nice big rotating fan would give the appearance of cool air flow. Why not show a live webcam view of crashing ocean waves to give your home that beachfront feel (without tsunamis). "They" probably already sell all these ideas along with the giant aquarium scene. I once had two goldfish named Alfie & Omega. They both died when I placed their fish bowl too close to the crackling TV fireplace.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Frostily Foggy

Kit took a picture of our front Maple Tree today. Dense fog made for some beautiful branches. It was frostily foggy. This is how our tree looks in the Winter.

This is how the same tree looked last summer.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Rock On Rock

Throughout the course of human history, various forms of signs and signals have been used as markers or reminders to communicate a message. Here we see an example of a rock pile built on a beach which could be communicating a special message.

Different color combinations can mean certain things. The fact that the base is made up of two rocks spanned by a third could mean something. The number of rocks balanced into a rock tower could be part of a code system for detailed communications. The top rock always carries special significance which can be related to its color or the direction it points.

Regarding this particular stonehenge, I just made it for the fun of it and it has no special meaning.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Last Ball

Our Dad was a fine pool player. He even had a chance to be Willie Mosconi's victim during a demonstration at the local pool hall. From Dad, I learned the value of a good safety (not leaving the incoming player a decent shot). When dementia started to creep in, it became increasingly difficult for him to remember if he had stripes or solids when playing 8-ball. Out of necessity, I made up a new game which dispensed with having to remember anything. We called it "Last Ball". Whoever pockets the last ball, wins the game. Even tho Dad is now playing pool in heaven, I still enjoy playing Last Ball with my wife. It can make wonderful use of any remaining balls left on the table after playing 8-ball on a pay table. Simply rack up all remaining balls and play a game of Last Ball. Whoever makes the last ball wins the game.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Monday, January 4, 2010

Sun Spots

At different times of the day and year, the sun hits our space differently. One lazy afternoon, I noticed this sun spot on our living room wall.

It looked like a Zen painting or some sort of Oriental lettering. This would fall into the category of Temporary Art. Other items found in this category might be Sand Alligators, Snow Forts or Hose Art.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Mirror Image

Since the name of this blog is Johnnny's World, I thought an occasional self portrait would be appropriate. Most people download when they go to the water closet. This time I snapped a photo and uploaded. Happy New Year everybody! Welcome to another year (and decade) of blogging. Blog On!