Friday, December 11, 2009

Blue People

The new movie Avatar has introduced a new perspective on life. This movie is the next Matrix. Even tho I have not yet seen it, I do see it being apart of my future.
Our friends John & Lori recently visited our greatown. We met at the local Thai restaurant. They seemed rather blue that evening.
After you go see a 3-D movie, is there any danger in not being able to go back to 2-D? Lately, it seems the Blue Man Group has opened offices in my neck of the woods.
John & Lori will enjoy Avatar as soon as they get shoveled out from their recent blizzard. If you're going to get the winter blues, it's best to be blue together.
Who's that guy over John's shoulder, taking pictures in a public restaurant?


Susie said...

Loved your blue people Johnny!

Johnnny said...

Hi Susie: I always love when you stop by. Your Kharma Blue pansy would fit in nicely with this blue post.