Thursday, January 14, 2010

Last Ball

Our Dad was a fine pool player. He even had a chance to be Willie Mosconi's victim during a demonstration at the local pool hall. From Dad, I learned the value of a good safety (not leaving the incoming player a decent shot). When dementia started to creep in, it became increasingly difficult for him to remember if he had stripes or solids when playing 8-ball. Out of necessity, I made up a new game which dispensed with having to remember anything. We called it "Last Ball". Whoever pockets the last ball, wins the game. Even tho Dad is now playing pool in heaven, I still enjoy playing Last Ball with my wife. It can make wonderful use of any remaining balls left on the table after playing 8-ball on a pay table. Simply rack up all remaining balls and play a game of Last Ball. Whoever makes the last ball wins the game.

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