Saturday, July 10, 2010

Color Coordination

Apparently the new fad is having matching flowers and nails. Actually, while photographing some new shade pots under our deck stairs, my wife's foot jumped into the frame. Serendipitously, her new painted toenails were similar in colorization to our coleus and impatiens that we snapped up at the closing-for-the-year sale. It's always sad when the days start getting shorter. It seems like people start getting shorter too.


Beth said...

Did you make it to Plant Ranch before it closed yesterday? I did - bought another $30 worth - although 3 of the purchases were clematis.

Johnnny said...

We did not hit the Plant Ranch on its last day. We are full up here. I like your idea of buying late season plants (on sale) for pots that will go well into Autumn.