Friday, December 24, 2010

Lump Of Coal

Is there a Baa Humbug type person on your shopping list? Are you looking for a few alternative ideas to giving someone a lump of coal? Here is a Top Twenty list of gift ideas to make someone scratch their head wondering if this gift is for real, or was it intended to say: Baa Humbug?

20. A live vole.
19. Smelling salts.
18. Hockey puck.
17. One automobile gas cap.
16. Dulcolax tablets.
15. Full can of lighter fluid.
14. Two-pack of super glues.
13. A hand mirror.
12. Small bag of Quikset concrete.
11. Roll of duct tape.
10. Map of Wyoming. [+]
9. Coarse sand paper.
8. Bottle of wart remover liquid.
7. Large jar of mayonnaise.
6. Roll of Canadian pennies.
5. Packet of 200 cable binders.
4. One fork.
3. Box of parakeet food. [+]
2. Gift card to a funeral home.
1. Half can of orange paint.


Casey Klahn said...

Hee, hee, hee...

Johnnny said...

Hi Casey: Merry Christmas to you. I suppose the name of this post could have been Lump Of Vole. A few items that did not make the list: fairly new toothbrush, recipe for toast, a picture of Eleanor Roosevelt with an obviously fake inscription and autograph, a piece of broken glass (that has an interesting shape), and an extension cord. You can see why these did not make the Top Twenty list.