Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Top 25

Mr. Steven Tyler.  Just call me Steve.
This is the beginning of another American Idol adventure. The guys went first, then the girls. Please comment with your thoughts and feelings so far. Here are mine:

Guys that were OK: Reid the Drummer (moves weird), Aaron the vocal coach, Chase the tall country whistler, Crayton the sidewalk jester, Phillip Phillips (bad choice of song/slow arrangement), Heejun the cowboy hater, and Joshua.

Girls: Really liked little Hollie with the big voice. Also liked Skylar (Reba), and Jessica Sanchez.

A number of people really sucked. Hopefully some of them will be eliminated and none of the above mentioned contestants.


Ellen said...

Thanks for creating a place to vent our fears/tears/cheers about Idol again this year Johnny! LOVING this year. aMAZing talent. Best I've ever seen, I think, coming right out of the chute like this!

Kit said...

Yeah, Thank You Johnnny for hosting this great forum for all us Idolites!

I am, unfortunately, not as optimistic as Ellen about the talent this year. However, I'm pretty sure I felt the same way last year. There are a couple of standouts for me, but not many:
Phillip: looking forward to seeing who he becomes and what he can do.
Hollie: cute and a big voice.
Elise: could be great. Maybe.
Erika: for lack of anyone else.

There are a few contestants that make me go WTF?
Jermaine. Really?
Deandre (aka Whiplash). What now?
Heejun. Is he for real? Are there even lenses in his glasses?

Also, I couldn't believe they let go of Reed. And Jen. In favor of Jermaine? Deandre? Am I losing it?

Hopefully this year will prove as entertaining as every other. Seems like the coaches get involved and then these kids really start to, fingers crossed. Right now I'm pulling for Phillip!

Johnnny said...

We sure went from 25 to 13 quickly. Here are the Top 13 in two groups (1st group has a chance to win, 2nd group does not):

1. Can win
Guys: Phillip, Heejun, Jeremy, Joshua.
Girls: Hollie, Jessica, Skylar.

2. Cannot win
Guys: Colton (Skunkhead), Jermaine (The Giant), Deandre (Whiplash).
Girls: Shannon, Erika, Elise.

Reagan James' Mom said...

I agree with Ellen & Kit...thank you, Johnnny, for starting our idol chat sessions back up for this next season!

Well, that's all I have to say for now as I haven't watched a thing yet! So, I'm coming in to the top 13 with fresh eyes and ears! It was fun reading all of your comments...and hopefully I'll have some this coming week. :)