Wednesday, May 9, 2012

California Dreaming

Please leave any comments you'd like to share regarding the May 9/10 American Idol shows. We are down to the Final Four. The winner will be announced in two short weeks. Who did well this week? Who will be eliminated? Who do you like to win the whole thing?


Reagan James' Mom said...

First of all, let me tell you that Reagan was wearing his Adrian Peterson jersey and Vikings shorts (in honor of the new stadium!) while watching American Idol. Note #2: Scotty passed by and paused to watch each singer tonight. He doesn't know anything about them except that Reagan & I like Phillip. He wasn't impressed with anyone except Jessica. He said she's not his style but he thinks from what he heard she should win.

Phillip: song #1...It was better than last week but it didn't have a wow factor. I heard a little of his own twist but I wanted more. Song #2...I didn't know this song but it was cool - he made it cool. I was hoping for a rockin' song but this was really good. I was happy for him and happy with the judges comments. Phillip needed that!

Hollie: song #1...Just OK. Sometimes she reminds me of Celine Dion without the passion. Reagan said, "I liked it." Scotty said he didn't like it and then Reagan said, "But daddy, you don't like anybody." Song #2...Same-same. Obviously she can sing but it once again lacked something. I thought it was a weird song choice.

Joshua: song #1...He's not my style but it was nice. As Joshua was about to start Reagan shouted at the TV, "No screaming Master of Screamers!" Song #2...Was this song long? It was to me! I just don't love him like the judges do but I do admit that the guy has talent (and he seems like a nice guy). I have, however, really liked some of his performances the past few weeks but tonight, not as much. After Joshua had a little scream fest, Reagan said, "I don't think he's going to make them stand up this time." But, he did...another standing-o for Joshua. He looks like he almost expects it now.

Jessica: I noticed from her clips (as Jennifer did) that Jessica started growling when she was 7 years old! From her clips Reagan said, "She's awesome." Song #1...This sweet little thing is not afraid to "bring it." She impresses me with her maturity when she steps on that stage. Song #2...While she was singing Reagan said, "She's turning into Joshua" (because of all the growling and yelling). Well, whether you like her style or not, she is incredible...and only 16! I can't help saying that every week. She blew me away. She has such guts and just lays it all out there. I actually got a little teared up at the end of her song because you could tell she gave it everything she had. I have never wanted her to win because of her age, but I'm starting to believe that it would be OK if she wins...she is earning it!

Bonus critique: I really Iiked Phillip & Joshua's duet. I'm a cheesy Maroon 5 fan and I thought this was fun. It was a much better song choice than the love song they had to sing together last week! I didn't like the girls duet as much - it was just OK. During their song Reagan said, "I want to be in a swing." The group song was also just OK.

Bottom. I'm not sure how they're going to do this with four people, but assuming they'll do the bottom 2...Hollie & Phillip
Gone: Hollie

I think I wrote a lot tonight to make up for my briefness last week! :)

Johnnny said...

hi brenstar: thanks for all your great comments. after re-reading all of them, i agree with everything you said - we must be related or something. that is interesting scott liked jessica the best of the remaining four. i loved when reagan said: but daddy you don't like anybody. here are my scores for each person's two songs: phillip 7/9, hollie 7/7, joshua 6/9, jessica 8/9. totals: jessica 17, phillip 16, joshua 15, hollie 14. i agree with you that in the second round, hollie dropped the ball while phillip, jessica, and joshua stepped it up a notch. as you predicted, hollie is gone. reagan's comments are great: joshua as the master screamer, jessica turning into joshua. i too thought joshua's second song seemed a lot longer than all the rest, but it was great. kit and i both said we would like to hear phillip sing his second song in concert. who will be the final two? how about jessica and phillip!