Friday, January 23, 2009

Dice Game

Dice Rules & Points: Object of the game is to win. Any number of players take turns throwing six dice. Game is to 10,000 points. You can go over 10,000 points, and want to. Once someone goes out, all others have one chance to tie or win. In order for a player to continue a throwing session, you must throw some sort of points each throw. After each throw, you must set aside at least one dice worth some points. If all the remaining dice thrown are scorers, you have the option of continuing your session by picking them all up and throwing them all again. If none of the dice thrown are scorers, your session ends, and you lose any temporary score that you had built up. Once you've reached the minimum number of points to stop, you may end your session at any time, and your temporary score is added to your permanent score. At the start of the game, the minimum points to just get on the board is 500 points. After that and for the remainder of the game, the minimum score is 350 points per turn.

POINTAGE: A five is 50 points. A one is 100 points. 3-of-a-Kind is worth 100 times the dice value. (3 fives is 500) Exception: 3 ones is worth 1,000 points! 4-of-a-Kind adds another of whatever 3-of-a-Kind is worth. 4 ones is 2,000. 5-of-a-Kind adds two more of whatever 3-of-a-Kind is worth. 5 ones is 3,000. 6-of-a-Kind is an automatic win. Then call to order a large party pizza. Three pair is worth 600 points. Two triples is worth 1,200 points. 1-2-3-4-5-6 is worth 2,000 points. A throw of the dice worth no points is called a Shannon. A six-dice Shannon is worth 1 point. Don't laugh, because you'll probably get the first one.
Example Throws:
5 = 50 points
1 = 100 points
2,2,2 = 200 points
3,3,3 = 300 points
4,4,4 = 400 points
5,5,5 = 500 points
6,6,6 = 600 points
1,1,1 = 1,000 points

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