Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Light It Up

Express Yourself by adding some special lighting to your place. Here is some lighting on the outside of our CavePort and also on the inside of The Cave.

Let's zoom-in now on the outside lighting and see what that's all about, eh?

Outside our front door, we have a colored bulb in the fixture. Don't forget to add some special lighting to the inside of your FoyerPlace to welcome weary guests.

Finally, for those evenings when the temperature is above minus 10 degrees F, you ought to have some special twinkly lights on your Deckage to compliment the Rising Moon.

The most important rule of adding special lighting to your pad is to remember that these lights are not just for Christmas Time, but rather, they should be enjoyed as Yearound DeLights.

1 comment:

Beth said...

Amen brother!
When I was dating my husband, I used to have Christmas lights strewn across my bedroom windows. Kyle said it looked like a brothel - freaked him out!