Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Three Dog Night

American Idol Show Notes
Week of May 12-13, 2009
The Final Three!

Well, there are only three dogs left in the race - all guys. That would not have been the case if Alexis Grace wouldn't have been cut way back when there were eleven finalists remaining. Feel free to weigh in with any thoughts, feelings, and predictions on this matter.


Kit said...

I'm ready to watch Adam rock out again & think Danny is headed home, but on a more serious note...these dogs need to change to IAMS or something. What the?

Reagan James' Mom said...

Well, I got to watch the whole show! Here are my thoughts:

1st song: lots of energy, dancing wasn't an issue for me like it was for Simon & Kara, thought it was good but didn't quite have the punch I thought it needed at this point.

2nd song(You are so Beautiful): great voice, cute guy, nice personality, good job.

1st song (Apologize): the chorus was strong but thought the rest was just OK.

2nd song(Kayne West): agreed with judges and thought he was brave to sing with just an acoustic guitar and no "bells & whistles," I didn't know this Kayne song but I thought Kris sang a cool and intersting version.

1st song(One): I liked the start but then I really disliked the rest. U2/Bono sings this song so beautifully that I didn't care for Adam's screaming version.

2nd song(Crying): Much better -- I really liked it! And I was happy Simon said something about the voting...that Adam is not guarenteed to get through unless you vote.

Final two: Adam & Kris

Kit said...

I agree with you, Brenna (Glad you got to watch the whole show!) - Adam and Kris for the final 2... although it was kind of wild that Simon had to remind people to vote for Adam...maybe he's had low votes? I know I've never voted for Adam simply because I thought he was such an automatic winner. Hmmmm, could be that being so much better than the rest makes you vulnerable to that. I wonder how the other guys feel about not getting a reminder to vote for them.

I've always thought that Joe Cocker was an obvious match for Danny's voice, so it's cool that he actually sang him. Still, I'm thinking that "You Can Leave Your Hat On" would've had a bigger punch for him. Didn't know the first song, but thought it was a weird choice by the judges.

I liked Kris' Kanye song too, but thought the first one was just ok. Not sure why the judges would stick him with "Apologize" when they could've given him Jack Johnson or Ben Harper or someone he could've really stomped with. Even so, "Heartless" sounded cool and definitely redeemed him.

For the first time in a long time, I really hated Adam's take on a song with "One". U2 is way too iconic to change it up that much, and I agree with Brenna that he kind of screamed it. It felt almost blasphemous to butcher a U2 classic so much. "Crying" was awesome, but I was still a little pissed about "One" so it was hard to love him as much as I usually do.

All in all an entertaining night. I wish they would've kept the save until now. It would be so much more exciting to have it in play at this point than to have wasted it on Matt who was obviously not going to make it all the way.

Next week - the FINALS!

Johnnny said...

I do think Adam will win the whole thing. I don't see Danny or Kris as thee new winner. However, I do agree and disagree with everything you've all said, so far...and I applaud you!

Johnnny said...

Kris and Adam!

Good-bye Danny GoKey.

Reagan James' Mom said...


This was a really good/strong final three on AI this year. And all three guys were likable which is usually not the case. Since I wasn't able to watch most of the season this year I'm not attached to anyone (like I was to David Cook last year!) so I think I'd be OK with whoever wins. Having said that, I do think Adam should win. I do care, I don't care, I do care.

Kit said...

Kris and Adam! Should be a good final. Does anyone else get the feeling that Adam must be low on votes?! What was up with Katy Perry having Adam Lambert printed on her cape last night? That seems pretty blatantly unfair. It's weird because it doesn't seem like he needs any help, so why would they risk looking so biased?
Based on that alone, I would say it could be a closer voting night than we might think. Kris has NEVER been in the bottom 3! Can't wait!

Reagan James' Mom said...

Maybe the judges & the show really want Adam to win, therefore, they're just making sure the Americans who want hime to win actually vote for him. They've said it in past seasons, too, and I'm sure it happens...that people don't vote for the obvious (Adam) even though they want him/her to win because they think it's a no brainer. That may be true -- but on this show you gotta have the votes to win! I'm actually glad they're reminding people to vote. But I know what you mean, Kit, I'm sure Kris is thinking, "What about me?" It will be a shocker if Kris wins. He's very good but Adam is obviously a level above him.

Susie said...

I'm glad it was Danny who left and not Chris. I still think Adam will be the winner for sure.

We too liked Alexis. I hated to see her leave.