Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Americano Idol Show Notes
May 5-6, 2009: Rock n Roll Week

It seemed appropriate that one of the American Idol towers fell down (stage right) just before the show started during "Rock n Roll" week. Adam starts out the show TOTALLY rocking "Whole Lotta Love" almost better than the original. Allison follows with a strong performance of Janis Joplin but doesn't blow me away. Duet by Danny & Kris: "Renegade" by Styx - nice harmonies. KrisAllen: "Come Together" playing guitar with Slash - great song, great band, but the lead vocals are forgettable ... sorry, altho Kit begs to differ ... she gliked it (she thinks he's cute.) Danny: "Dream On" by AeroSmith - more embarrassing than captivating, for my tastes ... where's the "Advil"? Final duet: Allison/Adam. As usual, Adam Ant Iguana Boy is the clear winner in this "singing competition". You cannot honestly say that Kris, or Allison, or Danny have enough $tar Power to be the next American Idol?! At this writing, this author might even try to procure tickets to attend an Adam Ant Concert at the historic Fargo Theater.


Beth said...

Adam and Allison stole the show - hands down.

Loved Adam's glam rocker look, the eyeliner, bling. I had hopes for Danny early in the evening. He shined on the Renegade cover but BOMBED on Dream On. I didn't think Kris' Beatles song was as bad as the judges thought but definitely not a memorable performance.

Allison should've done Jefferson Airplane - although I'm not a Janis Joplin fan.

I'd have to say Kris or Danny gotta be in the bottom. I think Simon was right - Allison's duet with Adam will save her.

Kit said...

Dang this blog is fun!
Well, I must say that Johnnny and I kind of disagreed about last night. I once again felt that the audience was being a little manipulated by the judges and the overall format of the show. Yes, I am officially a member of the Simon Cowell Conspiracy Group.
As expected, Adam KILLED with his version of "Whole Lotta Love". Whoda thunk anyone would ever top Robert Plant?! I would definitely go see him in concert even if he got voted off tomorrow (which is HIGHLY unlikely).
For once, I thought Allison was great. Also, she looked her best ever. Janis was a perfect fit for her voice.
For me, Kris was totally COOL. I really thought he put his own spin on that song and mixed it up just enough to be different but still a great rendition. When the judges started talking was when I started seeing red flags. They seemed intent on portraying his performance as lame, even though on any other given day I think Paula would've been crying tears of adoration.
Then came Danny. Why oh why would he have sung that song? Any idiot could have predicted that those high notes were WAY out of his range. I swear you could see in his eyes right from the get-go that it was going to be bad and he knew it. Set up? Survey says...
Which brings me to the whole duet thing...talk about unfair. I mean, how can you go wrong being paired with Adam? Total unfair advantage. That being said, I think the judges didn't give nearly enough credit to how great the harmony between Kris and Danny was. Also, they went way too crazy over Adam & Allison's performance which, although good, wasn't out of this world.
Overall, I got the feeling that they were really setting Danny and Kris up to fail and giving Adam and Allison every edge available. The clips at the end of the show were even more evident...Adam's best moment and Danny's worst scream? I smell a sacrifice.
I guess I'm getting too cynical. Well, maybe not toooooo cynical...I still enjoyed voting for Kris like 10 times. Or should I say Non-Adam?

Johnnny said...

Well, somehow Danny and Kris "survived" one more week. Adam was also "safe". Allison's "departure" leaves three guys remaining in the "Final Three".

Kit said...

I thought Danny was a goner for sure, so the results were a surprise. Allison's goodbye performance might have been even better than the original! Adam & Kris in the final 2!

Reagan James' Mom said...

Hi! I clicked in and out of the results show last night. I, too, liked Allison's farewell performance. With Chris Daughtry on the show last night and with how Ryan introduced him, I thought they were maybe preparing us for a big shocker and Adam would be going home! I'm glad it didn't happen, though. It's so obvious he should be the next AI.

What did you think of Paula's performance? I thought it was lame. I thought the way she performed made her totally seem past her prime -- she was trying too hard to be hip and young. Lip synching is hella-stupid! And if she wouldn't have been wearing four inch heels maybe she could have acutally moved/danced more naturally!

I'm a fan of Daughtry so that was fun to see. I'm so happy he's been so successful! I'm also a fan of Gwen Stefani but I missed her performance -- I turned back to the show just as she was finishing up.

My Tuesday night class ended this week so at least I'll get to watch the final two epidsodes in full!

Have a great weekend!

Kit said...

Totally agree with you Brenna...Paula's performance was really lame and made her seem desperate for attention. You're so right about the lip-synching and terrible dancing. She used to be such a great dancer...I would've rather just remembered her that way instead of as a washed-up needy celeb still clinging to her youth. Ugh.

Beth said...

Agreed with both of you on Paula. But what was up with Gwen Stefani? That was awful!!!! Was she drunk? Remind me not to see a live performance of No Doubt. BRUTAL.

Johnnny said...

Paula's "performance" certainly didn't involve any singing. It was one of the most obvious lip-synx ever. I was embarrassed that "they" would even consider that a live stage performance. Gwen's Stefani was also quite underwhelming. However, I did like her a few years back when she sang: I ain't no harlem bad girl!