Wednesday, July 15, 2009


We are now fighting the fight for our flowers
Against our new formidable foe - The Rabbit
The battleground is our back yard
Our weapon is putrescent egg solids and garlic
We decided to try the "liquid fence" route
Anyone with any anti-rabbit success stories?


Susie said...

I guess I'm lucky. I have a big wooden fence around my yard so I don't have to deal with them. Sorry you are having to.

Beth said...

Liquid Fence. It's the only thing that I have found that has remotely worked. It's a brutal smell for a day or so ....

Johnnny said...

Thank you for le feedbackage. That Liquid Fence does indeed rank high on the stink factor but does seem to work! Happy Daze Are Here Again! If any rabbits are spotted during margaritaville on the deck, we can practice our survival skills on those devil bunnies to impress our peers.