Sunday, August 2, 2009

Johnny Convention

Have you ever thought how much fun it would be to have a convention of people who all had your same name? You certainly would not have to wear any name tags. At a convention of Johnnys, you would find:

Johnny The Talk Show Host

Johnny The Environmentalist
Johnny The Musician
Johnny The Actor
Johnny The Adventurer (Johnny Quest)
Johnny The SuperHero


Susie said...

Cute post but I don't know who the last one is.

Johnnny said...

Thanks, Susie. I had never come across Johnny Sokko either, but apparently he is a cult TV hero in Japan. I had to include him because of that picture.

For sure, at a convention of Susies, Susie Q would be there.

Beth said...

Johnnny - you are MY superhero.

Johnnny said...

Thank you, Bethy. Wouldn't it be fun to be in attendance at the convention of super heros? I would like to see the list of invitees to the SUPERHERO CONVENTION. For sure, Spiderman and Arnold Schwarzenegger would be on it!