Saturday, August 15, 2009

Legal Aliens

I recently had the pleasure of coming upon some aliens who had just landed.
Curiously, I did not feel any fear of abduction, just a calm sense of perhaps trying to have a dialogue with them, to gain some mutual understanding. They did agree to pose for a photo-op before we got started...

We agreed to take turns asking each other questions!

They first asked if they could speak to Our Leader, to which I said "Do you mean Hillary Clinton?", to which they retorted: "No, Tom Cruise!"

It was now my turn to ax, so I decided to throw them a two-part question: 1. "Why are you here?" and 2. "How long are you staying?"

Their answer was: "We are here to help Warm Your Planet", and "We are leaving because your Dear Leader has imposed a new UFO Tax, which is Driving us Out of Orbit!"

The Legal Aliens then surprised me with their next question: "Why didn't Adam Lambert win Season 8 of American Idol?" (Maybe you can help me out with a response here!)

My next two-parter: 1."What have you found to be the healthiest substance in the universe?" and, 2. "What do you use as your currency?"

Their answer to both parts: "Heineken."


COGSTAR said...

Amenage! Nothing could be finer than meeting Aliens with Heiner (as long as they're opposed to death panels). Since Heineken is the official beverage of the MB©, I think I'll taste-test two Heinekens against each other right now. Whateverwhoyouare! COGSTAR?! Who's COGSTAR?!

Johnnny said...

The Legal Aliens did ax about a "Cogstar", but I correctly showed no knowledge of any "Cogstar".

Then I followed up with: "Who is your Daddy and what does he Do?"

Kit said...

I'm very surprised these friends of yours didn't ask about Tom Cruise or John Travolta. Aren't they the Gods of the outerworld?

Beth said...

I'm not even sure how to respond to this post. Other than it makes me thirsty.

Susie said...

Gotta watch out for those aliens. Interesting post Johnny.