Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Trick or Treat

We don't have a dog but a lot of people (in our neighborhood) do. So, the other day I purchased one box of Our Family Dog Biscuits (Multi-Flavor) to have on-hand for our passers-by. As Kit perused the box, she mentioned that the INGREDIENTS section included some interesting sounding items:

Wheat Flour (good start)
Wheat Middlings (never heard of these)
Meat and Bone Meal
Animal Fat (what animals?)
Dried Cheese Product (who doesn't love it?)
Liver Meal (but, of course)
Poultry By-Product Meal (which means what!?)
Dried Beet Pulp (my personal favorite)
Dried Milk
Bacon Fat
Wheat Germ Meal (sounds healthy)
Dried Molasses

These treats look like a veritable cornucopia of nutrition, all packed into handy little biscuit snacks. Now when our neighbor dogs stop by, I know exactly why they are so interested in what's in my pockets.


Beth said...

Dogs are cool. Would you a like Schnauzer?

Johnnny said...

If we lived more out in the country, we probably would have a dog, where we wouldn't have to carry plastic bags during walks. Aren't schnauzers supposed to be almost as smart as dolphins? We do have a lot of dogs living around us, so any time I want to do some heavy petting, I can get my fix. Now, we can bribe them with Doggie Treats!