Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dolce Vita

If you are looking for luxurious living in downtown Fargo, North Dakota, look no further than the Graver Inn. These peaceful getaways provide the epitome of lavish self-indulgence.

Built in 1917, it was originally the Graver Hotel and then subsequently transformed into 70 deluxe apartments. Just kiddy-corner from the Post Office and a half block to the Presbyterian Church, the Graver Inn is also walking distance to the many downtown bars in Fargo.

Italiens would say dolce vita but here we just say the sweet life. All the letters in "Fargo Graver Inn" can be rearranged to spell "Garnering Favor". You can bet that everyone agrees there's no question about that!


Kit said...

Is there a graver inn than the Graver Inn? Do we have cable and HBO? Hell no. Look at the picture, fool. Our damn rooms don't even have no tvs. But chill, it's a real good time here. Speshully if you lookin for some crack or a place to hide out from the cops or some other bitches. Also, our windows got no locks so it's reeeeeal easy to push a homey out if he tryin to steal one a yo Malt liquors. Hey man, like we say...it ain't Gravy, it's the Graver!

Johnnny said...

I see the Queen of Witville had her way doing some commenting around these here parts. Anybody takin' advantage of this here Inn Hotel could be charged with ridin' the Gravery Train.