Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Top 24

Top 12 Gals*

Favorites: Didi Benami, Lilly Scott, Crystal Bowersox.
Middle: Ashley Rodriguez, Janell Wheeler, Katelyn Epperly, Lacey Brown, Michelle Delamor, Paige Miles, Siobhan Magnus.
Bottom Two: Haeley Vaughn, Katie Stevens.

Top 12 Guys

Favorites: Andrew Garcia.
Upper Middle: Joe Munoz, Casey James, John Park, Lee Dewyze, Michael Lynche, Todrick Hall.
Lower Middle: Aaron Kelly, Alex Lambert, Tyler Grady.
Bottom Two: Jermaine Sellers, Tim Urban.

* Girls seem to be stronger this season than the guys.

1 comment:

Kit said...

My early favorites are definitely Crystal Bowersox and Andrew Garcia. I agree with the judges that A.G.'s rendition of "Straight Up" will take him a long way...I thought that song was just awesome. Also, Crystal seems to have a really cool voice that she could maybe do a lot more with.

One thing that drove me nuts was the whole Kara-Casey flirtfest. It felt so awkward when the judges were treating him like a boy-toy for Kara. I mean, obviously he's super good looking but it seems pretty unfair that he was basically reduced to a sex object for the opening show. During Hollywood week he was actually a really good singer, but Kara wouldn't stop having mini orgasms long enough for anyone to notice whether or not he actually had any talent. Ugh. I totally hope that Cougartown crap subsides so maybe he can have a chance to sing without feeling like a male stripper the whole time.

All in all, good talent this year. Should be a fun season as long as the sexual harassment lawyers don't have to get involved. :)