Sunday, May 22, 2011

GooGoo GaGa

Lady GaGa is really starting to blossom
American Idol is just two weeks away from the Big Finale. After this week we will be down to our Final Three. Here is how I called their performances on tonight's big show. Round 1 was inspirational songs followed by Round 2 with Lady GaGa dodo mentoring.
  • Tied for First Place this week: Lauren Alaina and James Durbin.
  • Third Place: Scotty McCreery
  • Bottom: Haley Reinhart
Show notes:
  • James got a pair of #9s for Don't Stop Believing by Journey, and Love Potion #9. Awesome singing with great performances.
  • Lauren hit a pair of homeruns. She really sounds like she has improved a lot in a short period of time. Seems to be peaking at the perfect time. Her voice on that first song (Martina McBride) just flew away. Loved it.
  • Scotty "The Cashier" will probably not be going home. He picked two perfect songs that showed his range of comfortability (is that a word?). But on the first song, he did not stand out from the backup singers, and that just ain't gunna cut it, dude. 
  • Haley double dropped the ball and it landed on my ears. Steven Tyler positively proved he is incapable of any negative criticism. Chances are very good Haley will be joining Casey in American Idol statistics. Both of her choices magnified her weakness(es).


Beth said...

Johnnny - I'm going to have to disagree with you here.

James did nothing for me tonight. "Don't stop believing" is the most overplayed songs of all time and he was karoake at best. "Love Potion No. 9" was better but he was still outdone tonight.

Lauren: First song was BEAUTIFUL and she followed up nicely on her second. She solidified her top 3 standing.

Scotty: Ick to both songs.

Haley: Very torn here. Her second song was one of her best performances but her attitude after her first song was borderline disrespectful. What a frickin' baby! Take some criticism because that song and performance SUCKED. How about Casey on the sidelines panting like a puppy dog after each performance!

Going home: James or Haley

Ellen said...

GaGa for James. Herbie rarely turns up the sound when watching Idol and it was BLASTING on James' two.
NaNa Not-As-Much for Scotty, but agree with Johnny on the comfortability factor. He seems to own the stage more and more each week.
Liked the LaLas coming from Lauren this week. And LOVED her dress (Note: this is the first comment on wardrobe for me on here)
Got a couple of HaHas on the Haley drama this week. Really starting to wonder about how much is staged and how much is not...and how much the judges try to influence votes for their favorites. Thoughts?

Johnnny said...

Yo Beth: We will just have 2 disagree 2 agree on The James. It was a bitly karoky(K) but thought he took it to K+ or K++. Why does he have 2 start out most songs axing every 1 2 stand up, clap & sing-a-long? Just sing 4 us, and remind of us Adam Lambert.

We agree on Scotty The Grocer. No, Please No, on Scotty winning the whole thang. Why does he always have to stare into the camera with his sexy man look? Opie go grocery.

Lauren certainly is going thru some positive changes. I really enjoyed that first song. She effortlessly hit some angelic notes there. Nothing to NOT like about her (except the make-up issue).

Haley did unfortunately suck but hey, somebuddys gotta go home. For both songs, I gave her a pair of sixes. Sorry!

Johnnny said...

yo yo yellen ellen: herbie was probably crankin da volume during the durbmeister because of that grande fosters in his hand. scotty (the body?) is comfortable up there, too comfortable. i cant believe you would make a comment about someones wardrobe! the neg crits for hales from da judges i thought were warranted. she IS the weakest link, goodbye!

Reagan James' Mom said...

We missed the first round. Here are my thoughts regarding the second round:

James: really liked it! I thought it was entertaining and he sounded great.

Lauren: nice to see her do something a little out of her comfort zone. She has a lovely voice and I think she seems so sweet, but I don't feel like she has that little something extra to put her over the top.

Scotty: he is so consistent and I agree that he seems extremely comfortable on the stage, but I didn't think his second song was one of his better performances. As I've said before, he seems like a good guy but since I'm not a country fan he's not my choice to win this thing...although, as I've also said before, I think the huge country fan base out there could certainly vote him to be the next AI winner.

Haley: shoot, I missed the drama after her first song. I enjoyed her second song. I think she's a little more entertaining than Lauren. She's a bit inconsistent though -- some songs she is incredible and then sometimes her songs are just OK.

It's really hard to say who's going to leave the show next. Hmmm...I'll say either Lauren or Haley.

Lada Gaga...I totally got a kick out of her! Yes, she is totally wacky, but I thought she really helped the final four, especially with their performance factor. She definitely encouraged them to get out of their comfort zones!

Judges...I so agree that Steven Tyler does not know how to give constructive criticism! Maybe it's nice for the contestants to have one judge they can always count on for positive feedback. But does it mean anything? I think JLo has been a great addition! Her comments seem genuine, helpful and meaningful. And Randy seems different this year with Simon gone. He definitely has taken more of a leadership role and I think his critiques are better.