Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Crow Your Boat

Let me mentor you
Our final five American Idol contestants were mentored by Sheryl Crow. Each singer sang one current song and one from the 1960s. Who do you like? Who should get eliminated this week? Who is going to win?

I have a three-way tie for first place this week: James Durbin, Lauren Alaina, and Haley Reinhart. Scott McCreery is in fourth place. For me, Jacob Lusk is in last place.
  • James: Sometimes pitchy but like when he sings normally with a softer voice.
  • Lauren: Always on pitch and picks good songs.
  • Haley: Started out last song acapella and really nailed it. She can do so many things with her voice.
  • Scott: Hopefully will not win but certainly is going to get a lot of country music votes.
  • Jacob: Who votes for this guy? This ain't a High Note Contest. He loses control and repels me.


Reagan James' Mom said...

We missed the first four performances.

James: Loved his second song.

Lauren: Unchained Melody was very pretty. However, sometimes I don't think she sounds very strong, even though her voice is nice.

Jacob: Same-same. Over it -- never liked it.

Scotty: He's so consistent. I agree with Johnnny that there are a lot of country fans out there who will rack up his vote count. Even though he's not my fave he could just win this thing.

Haley: 1st song was OK. Second song was GREAT! Loved her acapella.

When Reagan & I saw the recap of the performances he said, "Everyone's first song was rockin'."

Going home...I hope it's finally Jacob!

Ellen said...

Herbaious says: welcome to karaoke night at Idol.
Ellen says: the skies opened,beams of heavenly light shined through and a miracle happened: Randy could see and hear again. His stunned expression at the end of Haley's last performance said it all--"(Everybody/Dude), this girl can sing!" Really, Randy? You think? The year is 2011, you are a judge on American Idol and yes, there is this amazing girl on stage called Haley...So glad you could join us! (Cue three stanzas of the Halleluia chorus here for our spunky little Haley). She's been singing her heart out for weeks and weeks. Fun to see her finally get some positive feedback from the judges. Who knows where she can go, with that? Love the perseverance she has shown thru all these weeks w/o much positive reinforcement from the judges. Haley is the anti-Pia of the show. (Pia could do no wrong/Haley could do no right) Was like a breath of fresh air to see the judges all finally coo over her again. Been a long time comin.
Herberger says: Jacob's gotta go. Didn't do that bad but he's been boring me for a long time.
Ellen-bellen says: Can't for the life of me come up with a best performance this week. If I have to pick a favorite, I guess it would have to be the overall, Improved Confidence Level of All Singers! Very noticable in Lauren, Scotty and Haley last night. James did great, as usual (most consistent performer, I think). As far as Jacob, it was refreshing to see him sing without that "trying to be sexy out the corner of his eye" thing going on in his last song. Curb the diva act and I might just keep my supper down. Rooting for Jacob to stay sugar-free and Haley and Scotty to stay in the game! Will be the most disappointed to see Haley or Scotty go as, to me, they are the most entertaining at this point. It's been so fun to see all grow and develop into amazing artists. Actually really nervous about tonight's show as any one could go at this point! Who will the previous Casey and Stephano voters go to, do you think? I'm thinking to James....

Beth said...

James: First song was not good. Second song - great song choice and better performance. He'll make the top 3 but I can't see him winning it.

Jacob: Go home. Notice how they only show his grandma and mom holding up signs for him?

Lauren: Carrie Underwood wannabee but seemed to do well.

Haley: LOVED last song!

Scotty: You've heard it here. He's gonna win it. It will Scotty and Lauren in the finals. I'm not saying this because he's my favorite - I just think he's a crowd favorite, he's got the right sound and he's destined to do well in Nashville.

Just one old lady's opinion

Kit said...

Hey y'all...

Sounds like we're all pretty much in agreemement this week: Jacob must go! Also, I'm going to agree with y'all that Scotty could possibly win this thing. Never thought I'd say that, but he is just nailing his genre right now.

Haley: Yeah, she definitely blew it out on "Rising Sun"...the singing was really impressive. Unfortunately I thought she looked (and moved) like a stripper. Hate that. She's so gorgeous with those Alicia Keys eyes, but somehow always seems to go too far on the sexy scale for me & it ends up feeling cheap.

James: Missed the wow factor of last week but he's still a fave. A little pitchy on song 1 and clearly emotional on song 2, but agree with Beth that he's safe.

Jacob: 1st song...what was up with the cheerleader moves? That was weeeeeeiiiiirrrrrddd. Song 2...should've stuck with Sheryl Crow's advice & stayed soft with it. That was the last crazy-all-over-the-place song I need to hear.

Lauren: So-so for me, and I'm a fan. Agree with Brenna - sounded like her voice was weak...worn out from too much practicing? Also, just because song 2 was from the 60's, did the dress have to be? What the Herb was that all about? And the Farrah hair? I mean she's only 16 and she looked 40. Add the too-much-makeup and I think she needs a new stylist.

Scotty: After getting over the conspicuous Alien cord coming out of his ear, I thought he was great. "Gone" was a perfect song for his voice...can totally imagine him on the radio.

Bottom 3:

Adios Jacob

Johnnny said...

Oh Happy Day! Oh Happy Happy Day! Jacob Lusk is off the show! Our next few Wednesdays will be much more enjoyable, not having to listen to the husky luskiness of His Shriekiness, Lord Lusk. Thank you to everyone who did not vote for him. Lauren looked like she was in rough shape being the other person in the Bottom Two.

Reagan James' Mom said...

Jacob seemed like a nice guy but it was definitely time for him to go!

I think it will be interesting with the final four. Lauren & Scotty are going to have to split the country vote (I think Scotty is stronger) and James & Haley may have to fight for votes against each other. I'm not a country fan as I've stated before, so I'd rather see Haley or James win, but there are so many country fans that they could definitely control who wins this year (most likely, Scotty).

Did you notice that Scotty didn't hold the microphone like he usually does last night? Maybe he finally realized it's not very appealing!