Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Eight To Seven

Judge not lest ye judge ye not.
My American Idol comments hereby follow, on this 4th day of April 2012:
Skylar moved to the Top Spot - wow!
Hollie is fading.
Joshua's stock rose, a little.
Phillip remains up there.
Jessica started strong but weakened.
Colton needs to pronunciate.
Deandre missed the mark.
Elise needs help.


Ellen said...

Hmmm....lots of interesting moments on last night's show. I am now starting to visualize the judges as three ping pong balls spinning on one big roulette wheel--never know where those crazy things are going to land! Feel they are WAY too hard on some contestants, not hard enough on others.
Where would Hollie be right now if they would have praised her more for great performances? I think their "helpful criticism" is visibly getting to her...
Great job by Skylar.
Still LOVE Elise (think she will be the most successful after the show, whether or not she wins--doesn't matter!)
Can see Jessica or Philip going all the way to final show--they've got to have it!
Dude! Deandre? Jacob/Joshua? I'm just not feeling it, man...sorry... Agreed with Randy, Deandre is WAY more entertaining/fun to listen to when he brings out the falsetto only for very. special. occasions.
Herb and I were both distracted last night by Ryan's lipstick? and violet eyes? We are thinking Regular makeup artist must have ate a bad egg salad sandwich and camera tech or janitor had to fill in? Or maybe it was Jimmy...

Beth said...

Agree with Ellen - Elise is probably my favorite but did very poorly last night. That song wasn't good when Foreigner did it!
Definitely Skylar's time to shine. Her best performance to date.
Joshua - too dramatic, too over the top for my liking.
Poor Hollie - such a great voice but she just hasn't performed well.
Jessica is a great singer but she went with the safe route and picked Whitney.
Phillip - I do like him but I think he's gotten to be a one-trick pony. LOVED his duet with Elise. Best of the night.
DeAndre - that was his best performance for me.
Colton - get over yourself! This guy will be in the finals because young girls love him - which will be travesty.

Reagan James' Mom said...

It was fun to read all your comments! Reagan & I missed DeAndre (thank goodness!) & Elise. Here are our thoughts:

Phillip: I didn't like this as much as the previous weeks -- he didn't "Phillip Phillips" it as much as usual. I thought it was a good song choice, though. I liked the advice from the mentor to not play his guitar at a certain point -- I thought worked well.

Joshua: Good song choice but the same stuff - he's predictable. I think his concert would be boring. He should have listened to Gwen and not gotten so crazy at the end -- too much for me. And he got a standing ovation from the judges - blah!

Jessica: I liked Gwen's advice about her "loungy" hands -- they aren't young/hip. She is so darn mature on stage, though...but she's only 16! I'm a little like JLo, a little torn when I watch her. She's so poised, natural and comfortable but I can't help see the little girl in her, too, especially when she smiles. It's a little confusing watching her. I still don't want her to win -- too young.

Elise/Phillip: awesome. Wish they both sounded that good during their solos! It was funny seeing Phillip trying to move without his guitar or a mic stand in front of him - it looked a little unnatural, but then again, he even has quirky moves when he is comfortable, which I like.

Hollie: Shoot, not so good. Agreed with judges.

Jessica/Joshua: I actually liked Joshua in this duet!

Colton: I liked the second half better. I don't think he's strong enough. He might be good enough for a couple more weeks, but I don't think he should make it to the top 4. I agree with Beth that he could get there because of the young girls who likely adore him.

Skylar: Good for her. She gave me goosies at then end.

Bottom: Elise, Hollie, ?? (hoping it's DeAndre)
Cut: Hollie (unfortunately)

Reagan James' Mom said...

I cheated and just looked online at the results...Reagan & I couldn't wait another four hours!

I must say I'm happy with the results...bye-bye, DeAndre! And now we don't have to listen to JLo oogle over DeAndre anymore. I think she'll move on to Joshua.

Reagan said he didn't want DeAndre to get cut because he likes to watch me "freak out" when DeAndre is singing!

On to 7!

Johnnny said...

Yo Ellen: You definitely got my attention when you mentioned ping pong balls. Phillip could end up in the final two along with Skylar. Her Wind Beneath My Buffalo Wings was better than the original. She could blast out a good National Anthem at the Super Bowl someday. Regarding Ryan's makeup, I did not notice it. I look at people's aura instead.

Johnnny said...

Yo Yo Beth: Elise made her mark with Whole Lotsa Luv but that was her high-water mark. Hollie is being over-coached and is under-performing. I agree wits you that Phillip might be a one trick pony, but by definition, the real one trick pony should be: COLTON.

Johnnny said...

Yo Yo Yo BrenStar: We missed Deandre (luckily) and Elise and Phillip. Mr. Phillips is great and like-able but I can't imagine him singing the Star Spangled Banner at a major sporting event. The last part of Colton's song was almost not understandable. If he was saying Time After Time, it wasn't coming thru. Skylar not only gave us Canadian Goose Bumps, but we were both crying. It was great from beginning to end. We watched it again after the show just to cry some more. During the Thursday night show, we had some Band-Aids handy in case they cut Hollie. I like hearing that Reagan likes to watch you freak out. It was time for WhipLash to go, before he hurt his neck.