Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Idol America

The former Randy Jackson.

American Idol Show Notes from April 25, 2012

Jessica Sanchez: She is only 16. Not enough personal experience to handle winning. Song #1 Bohemian Rhapsody. Just OK. Not great. Seems too immature in depth of spirit & voice. Rock songs ain't her thing. Need to throw this fish back to grow some more. Score: 7.5 / Song #2 Lower softer voice is really nice. Her big-voice high-notes sound tight, weak, and strained. Score: 7

Skylar Laine: She is stocky. A stocky rocker. Song #1 Sang The Show Must Go On. Wowie. She can easily switch from Country to Rock. Like the tone of her voice & how she pronounces her words. Score: 9 / Song #2 Another solid performance. Feels so comfortable on stage. Score: 8

Joshua Ledet: Looks like a cross between Will Smith & Eddie Murphy. Song #1 Was holding an old style mic that looked like a shaver. Pretty good performance if you like him, which I don't (like his shreaking). Score: 7 / Song #2 Shreakfest started out with a mellower voice which was almost enjoyable. Then the obligatory shreakfest ensued. Score: 8

Elise Testone: Dreamy Eyes. Reincarnated 60s rocker. Song #1 Definitely a rocker. Has an incredible instrument. Worthy of Top 5. Great song choice For Elise (as in: Fur Elise by Beethoven) Score: 8 / Song #2 Sang a Jimi Hendrix. Started out too held back. Then she really let it go. Great. Loved it. Score: 9

PhilliPhillips: Has the best name of all the remaining contestants. He'd be fun guy to have a bier with (now that he's 21). Song #1 Not crazy about it. For more than half of it, he just sang along with a choir. I could frickin do that. Narrow-range blues yellfest. Score: 7.5 / Song #2 Finally a Dave Matthewsong! Yes, yes. Cool version, quite respectful of the original. Loved it. Score: 9er

Hollie Cavanagh: Looks like a pixie. Song #1 Sang Save Me. 1st part sucked. 2nd part also sucked. But big high heels! Bad choice of song for her. Score: 6.5 / Song #2 Not impressive. Voice is starting to sound too treble & nazaly. Getting a little tired of her. Score: 7

In Trouble: Joshua, Hollie, Jessica.
Going Home: Hollie


Reagan James' Mom said...

Reagan had minimal comments tonight as he was busy playing with his new Obi One Kenobi figurine. He kept asking me to fight with him (using Darth Vader) during the commercials.

Round 1:

Jessica...I liked it, but I agree that the rockin' part of the song didn't go as well as the beginning, slower part.

Skylar...She always sings well, but this song didn't do it for me. I was surprised by the enthusiasm from the judges.

Joshua...I think this was my favorite performance of his -- great.

Elise...I really liked it. I thought the song fit her very well. Reagan heard J.Lo say, sexy, and then he broke out into, "I'm sexy and I know it." Oh, boy! Then he ran to his room and got his tambourine.

Phillip...This sounded a little country to me. He's consistent, great job.

Hollie...She reminded me of that older English (or Welsh?) woman that became famous when she was discovered on a reality show (maybe the X Factor) 2-3 years ago -- not a good comparison for a teen-ager.

Round 1 winners: Joshua & Elise

Round 2:

Jessica...Beautiful. And I love that she didn't growl at all.

Skylar...Same as first round for me. She's like Phillip - consistently really good, but I just like Phillip's style a lot more.

Joshua...Wow, I'm liking him a lot tonight. I didn't think I'd ever say that. And he didn't scream as much which I like. In the judges lingo, "He's in it to win it," and, "He's gotta have it." In my words, I think he's the front runner (along with Skylar).

Elise...Agreed with all the judges, which means I had mixed feelings. Like Stephen, I think she should pick a more familiar song. Like J.Lo, I thought it was cool (parts of it, anyway), and like Randy, I thought it was a bit busy at times. Didn't like this performance as much as the first one.

Phillip...Oh, I hate to say it, but I didn't really like this. I kept waiting for him to pick it up. He always sings well, I just didn't think this song had enough excitement. I agreed with J.Lo that he should be careful not to get "out there" too much (or too artsy) or the voters may disconnect with him. He can do that after AI. I'm so glad Randy spoke last, though, since he was so positive about this performance.

Hollie...Very good, but I was surprised she got a standing ovation from the judges. I didn't think it was that good.

Round 2 winners: Joshua & Jessica

Bottom: Elise, Phillip, Hollie

Cut: Elise (I think Hollie may escape once again due to her second performance, but I think she should go)

Ellen said...

I was on NyQuil last night and these are my observations:

Joshua's ears glowed on the 2nd song.

Elise had a funky colored scarf attached to her finger, but where was the scarf attached to her back?

How does Jessica stand up in those shoes? Philip's look much more comfortable...

Skylar wore white for both songs and Hollie wore some cool necklaces!

I think there was singing last night...sounded pretty good...

and (still buzzing a bit today) I'd like to say I think Reagan's comments were all spot on!

Kit said...

Ellen, were you and your NyQuil in front of me at the stoplight yesterday? :)

Wow, you guys said a mouthful! I would LOVE to see Reagan do his "I'm Sexy and I Know it" routine...maybe this summer!

Well, unlike Brenstar I didn't like Joshua tonight and think he should go. However, that seems unlikely as the judges showered him with so many compliments I wondered if I too was taking NyQuil. Or needed some.

Jessica was frickin hard to believe that big Beyonce-ish voice comes out of that little teeny body (perched atop, I agree Ellen, crazy high heels).

Hollie could have changed her name to Debbie. As in Debbie Downer. Just didn't do it for me tonight, she could be in some trouble.

Skylar was solid, although not as southern-spunky as usual. Weird Queen song choice. Still, I think she's pretty much ready to make a record. That voice singing country is golden.

Elise...hmmm. I think she's good, but whatever record that Jimi Hendrix song came from must have been covered by about a foot of dust. WT? That's a song you only sing in a club across the street from where the Obscure Hippie Music Lovers convention just let out. One word:jeopardy.

Aaaaaaaannnnnnddddd Phillip. OMG. I don't even know that Dave Matthews song and I still felt like I was eating a triple bacon cheeseburger after being stranded on a deserted island for a year. I've soooo been craving to hear him do D.M. and it didn't disappoint. At least for me. Brenna, we'll have to agree do disagree on what we agree on. Ha?

Getting the axe: Elise. Maybe she can catch a ride home with Wallace (her guitar player that came to join her on stage.)

Johnnny said...

Bottom Three: Elise, Hollie, Skylar.
Bottom Two: Elise, Hollie.
Bottom One: Elise Navidad.

Reagan James' Mom said...

I like Elise, but I'm not surprised or disappointed with the results. I think my only disappointment will be if Phillip doesn't make it to the finals.

Kit said...

Amen, sister! Phillip and Jessica?