Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Birthday Kitday

Happy Birthday To Kit!


Unknown said...

Rock on Kit. Happy Birthday!

Beth said...

Have an awesome birthday Kit. Hope you have a day relaxing and doing all the things you enjoy and having Johnnny wait on you hand and foot! :O)

Here's to being 29!

Reagan James' Mom said...

Happy BIRTHday, Kit!

The Maui Miles Brothers Corp hopes you have a fantastic day!

Lovey-ups & Aloha,
Scotty, Brenna & Reagan

Sam said...

Happy Happy Happy B'day Kit!!!! I hope you have a kick-ass day and night.
-Sam and Ashley

Kit said...

Thanks, y'all! I love getting lovey-ups on my rockin' 29th birthday. Although it seems impossible, Johnnny is even MORE sweet to me on my B-day so I am definitely feeling like a princess. A gardening princess with dirty fingernails and a farmer's tan, but a princess nonetheless. :)

Happy Memorial Day weekend to everyone...hope you all have a great one!

Ellen said...

It's your birthday today? Well Happy Bday, girlfriend! Hope it's great. Not only was your bday 9 months following Woodstock :), it's also now--and forever will be--two days following Phillip Phillips big win!

Think we need to celebrate both SOON. Love ya,
Ellen & Herb

Unknown said...
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Zac said...

Happy birthday Kit! I'm going to celebrate by drinking 29 beers tomorrow in your honor. I'll send pics of the day's festivities as your birthday present. Damn I'm awesome on birthdays. Your favorite pseudo cousin, Zac