Wednesday, February 25, 2009

American Idol Notes 2

American Idol Notes. February 25, 2009.

Idol Notes:
1. Jasmine Murray - not too bad. vocal=6 look=7.
2. Matt Giraud - weird weak vibrato voice. vocal=5 look=6.
3. Jeannine Vailes - terribly painful. vocal=3 look=4.
4. Nick/Norman Gentle? - entertaining but not serious. vocal=x look=x.
5. Allison Irahetta - good but annoying. vocal=8 look=6.
6. Kris Allen - ok. not best singer. good effort. vocal=6 look=7.
7. Megan Joy Corkrey - nice tone. like her except for tattoo. vocal=7 look=8.
8. Matt Breitzke - uncomfortably boring. vocal=6 look=5.
9. Jessie Langseth - ok. weird. too cool. vocal=6 look=7.
10. Kai Kalama - want to like him. not great. vocal=5 look=6.
11. Mishavonna Henson - really liked it a lot. vocal=8 look=8.
12. Adam Lambert - smirky screamer. weird high voice. vocal=4 look=2.
3rd place..........Kai Kalama
2nd place..........Megan Joy Corkrey!
1st place..........Mishavonna Henson!


Kit said...

My top faves were:
1. Megan Joy Corkey...loved her style - very hip and Amy-Winehousish. Also, she's gorgeous.
2. Mishavonna Henson...great voice, lots o' potential. Also, she's a sweet and very cute girl.
3. Kai Johnnny said, I WANT to like him. Takes care of his mom - love that - and has a Jack Johnson-y look which could be cool if he sang better & had more of an easy confidence.

Overall, I'm not super nuts about anyone. I think I'll come to really like Danny from last week and Megan Joy C. Hopefully next week we'll be "blown away", like the judges say we should be.

One note...I was really surprised by the judges' reaction to Adam Lambert. I thought they were going to laugh him off the stage. I sooooooo didn't get it. Seemed like he was channeling a really bad 80's hair band or something. Love or hate him, right now it's hate for me.

Johnnny said...

It's hate for me too! Adam Lambert is like a black-haired David Cook except his voice sux. Johnnny

Beth said...

Tsk, tsk, tsk..... where's the love for David Cook?!?!?!?

I kind of waffled about Adam - but he's got a cool look about him. Not sure about the voice but I thought he ended the song really well. He was the most intriguing for me out of the bunch.

I WANT to like Kai but his voice is mediocre at best. I mean I like his story but he lacks charisma. Allison is good but annoying - agreed with you there Kit. Kris is cute but adequate. I liked Megan's voice but so distracted by the weird contortions when she danced and the stupid tattoo! And shut up Jessie Langseth! Very annoying.

I like Mischavonna too but not as much as Alexis.

My vote:
1. Adam
2. Allison
3. Mischavonna

Johnnny said...

Wow. Johnnny & Kitz stand corrected! Zero out of three ain't too shabby! Beth had two out of three correct, and BrenStar had Adam in there also.

BrenStar predicted:
3rd place-Mishavonna
2nd place-Adam
1st place-Megan

So, the next new three are:
Adam Lambert (Scream Smirker)
Allison Irahetta (Red & Raw)
Kris Allen (Cutie Boy)

Post-Game Thoughts?

Kit said...

I am sooooo surprised at the outcome of tonight's show! Am I just getting older or is AI going for ratings over talent?

Okay, part of my frustration is due to the fact that Norman/Nick is in the top 36. I mean, I get that he's funny, but c' scour the entire US and he's one of the top 36 people chosen for a SINGING competition? It makes me feel like the show is becoming a joke, and I LOVE this show so it makes me mad that they'd let that happen.

Also, I really can't believe the winners tonight...Kris? Really? He's cute, yes, but his performance last night was a 5 at best. Adam? Seriously? Is this American Idol or Karaoke at Specks Bar?

Sheesh, I'm kind of worked up I guess. I was hoping for more. Just because we're in a recession doesn't mean everything has to suck, right?

Beth said...

Heard lots of comments on the radio today that what killed Megan's chances were the tat and the weird dancing. It just wasn't working for her and it turned too many people away.

Totally agree with Kit on the Norman/Nick thing. Adding contestants like that is a chink in the show's credibility.

On a high note, Paula seemed more lucid last night than on Wednesday!

Johnnny said...

I hope Mishavonna makes it into the top 12 during Wild Card Week. Allison sounded great when she sang after getting the good news. Also, I liked Kris Allen singing "Man On The Mirror" better after he made the top 12 than I did on the previous night. Adam Ant still doesn't do it for me. What's with the tongue sticking out on his big, long notes? He looks like an iguana about to catch a fly when he does that. I agree Paula seemed more lucid last night, and I also felt lucider.

Beth said...

Adam Ant Iguana Boy - I love it!

Brenna said...
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TMiles said...
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