Tuesday, February 17, 2009

American Idol Notes

American Idol Notes. February 17, 2009.

Idol Notes:

1. Jackie Tohn - annoyingly clownish. vocal=6 look=3.
2. Ricky Braddy Bunch - ok. no star quality. vocal=7 look=7.
3. Alexis Grace - previous "early favorite". still is. vocal=8.5 look=8.
4. Brent Keith - forgettable country singer. vocal=5 look=6.
5. Stevie Wright - nervously terrible. vocal=3 look=4.
6. Anoop Desai - likeable but wrong song. not his best. vocal=6 look=8.
7. Casey Carlson - have a nice modeling career. vocal=4 look=4.
8. Michael Sarva - ok but poor performance. vocal=6 look=5.
9. Ann Marie - ok as a hotel singer. vocal=7 look=8.
10. Stephen Fowler - wrong song. pitchy. corny. vocal=6 look=7.
11. Tatiana Del Toro - almost quite good but lacks style. vocal=7 look=5.
12. Danny Gokie - caused tears & tingles. sounded pro. vocal=8.5 look=7.

3rd place..........Anoop Desai
2nd place..........Alexis Grace!
1st place..........Danny Gokie!


Beth said...

Johnny - That's exactly the way i saw it too. I like Danny, I like his story, but he always seems to do the same kind of song. That's my only knock on him.

Kit said...

I really like Alexis' voice...a definite early favorite as Johnnny said. However, I hope she eases up on the "dirty" look - what the...? She's such a cute girl, I'd like to see her glam up without black negligees.

Also, Danny is sure likeable. He definitely has a way of plucking the heartstrings.

I'm really looking forward to the upcoming groups too...I think my favorite guy is still to come - the Jack-Johnson-y looking dude that takes care of his mom (?) can't remember his name, but I liked him in tryouts.

This is fun!

JOHNSWORLD08 said...

Johnny.Im new to your blog. Thanks for the info on A.I. I missed the end of it.I had to go to work. But I do have it DVR'D But still wanted to know who the top three would be.Stop by my blog when you can