Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rat Pack Week

American Idol Show Notes
Week of April 28-29: Rat Pack Week

Well, it's come down to the Season 8 Five Finalists (Adam, plus the four non-Adams) who are all going to be singing songs from Martin, Davis, and Sinatra. American Idol's Rat Pack of Adam, Allison, Danny, Kris, and Matt will be fighting to get into the Fab Four. Any thoughts on the matter?


Beth said...

Any bets on who will do New York New York? I can see Matt doing it.

Johnnny said...

Kit thinks the whole show is rigged to the point where they are told what song to sing. If so, I think Simon will tell Adam to sing the Sammy Davis Jr. song, Candy Man. But just to pisoff Simon, Adam will sing it in drag, even tho (s)he was told (s)he couldn't. Kit also said she was thinking of cooking a meal that goes with the Rat Pack theme. What could that be? Maybe some TV dinners!

Kit said...

I guess I could make Ratatouille, although I'm not sure what that is. Or I could make FRANKS & beans with Jimmy DEAN sausages and Peanut butter SAMMYS!
We should definitely have an appetizer party for the final show, though. We'll have to wait to see what they're singing to come up with a menu!

Beth said...

I thought this show would be better than what it was ...
Kris - it was OK. Still lacking the start quality about him.
Allison - REALLY liked her performance. Hair was better tonight too - not so garish.
Matt - zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Your time has come.
Danny - thought he did the best and agreed with the judges that he could put out an album of standards and they would sound great. Loved some of the gritty notes at the end.
Adam - Not my favorite. I wanted something more recognizable and it was, dare I say, predictable?

Reagan James' Mom said...

Hi Guys...I again missed everything and went online to find out the results. It looks like Beth agreed -- how about the rest of you? Kit: I know you aren't crazy about Allison -- were you bummed she made it through? And...was it a little scary with Adam and Matt standing there at the end, or did you feel pretty confident Matt was going home? Interesting, though, that Adam was in the bottom three!

Johnnny said...

I was surprised that Adam was in the Bottom Two! If Adam would have been sent home, the judges could not have saved him since they wasted their save on Matt who just went home anyway. Kit was saying that if Adam got voted off, she was going to stop watching the show. We both used to not be too crazy about Adam, but now he's our favorite simply by process of elimination. Next week is Rock n Roll week for the Final Four.