Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Queen King

You've Got A Friend
Our six American Idol finalists faced song of Carole King this week. Here is how I saw it, on a scale of 1-10: James & Casey topped the group, each with a 9. Lauren scored an 8. Haley & Scotty trailed with a pair of 6s. Jacob bottoms out the group with a 5.
  • James: Incredible acapella start. Nice to see soft side of hard rock turtle.
  • Casey: Can't get much better. Full package. Good entertainer.
  • Lauren: Really sold it. Felt like a concert. Still improving.
  • Haley: Trainwreck of a performance. Bad choice. Done poorly. Nothing worked.
  • Scotty: Picked a great song and ruined it. Almost terrible.
  • Jacob: Shrill yelling sounds like crying, whining, complaining. Enough already.


Kit said...

Who knew Carol King wrote so many songs? Well, I gotta say I kind of disagree with Johnnny this week...

In order for me this week:

1. James. That really was awesome. I do agree that the beginning was super cool, but I loved the whole thing. Reminded me of Axl Rose only way way better.

2. Scotty! Thought this sounded really great as a country song. He seemed way less geeky, almost...dare I say it...manly? Liked it a lot (and I don't even really like country).

3. Haley / Lauren. Just about equal this week. Both just kinda ok for me, although thank God Haley is toning down the growl.

5. Casey. Nnnnnnooottt so much. Back to the weirdy-werewolf evil eye thing. Creative, yes, but I didn't like it. Much prefer his softer singing to his raspy yelling.

5. Jacob. Loved the plaid blazer/vest/bowtie look. Didn't really like this song, though, and felt like his notes were pretty off when he laid them out there.

Probably enjoyed the James/Jacob duo the most since it was the oddest combination of voices but they kinda pulled it off.

Bottom 3:

Going home:

John said...

It should have been Jacob! Even tho this was the 2nd time Casey got voted off, twas still surprising 2 see him get beat out by Scotty Country McCreery and Jacob Husky Lusky. Maybe the fact that Casey & Haley are a couple got him fewer votes because he is taken. Brenna, I-2 would have liked 2-C Bassy Casey make it 2 the Final Two with James Durbin. Instead, twill maybe B Lauren & Scotty because of all the country music fans. Whatever!

Ellen said...

HerbalEllen wish Haley would have just sung the duet song (I Feel the Earth Move) by herself. The earth then might have moved and Randy would actually have been forced to give her a nice comment...hearts both stopped with James' performance, awesome...Scotty didn't really win a friend with Got a Friend...Lauren--still a feeling that she is holding back and that's what's going to actually catch up with her...Jacob. Jacob, Jacob, Jacob...Casey--another sad week, seeing him go but Herbalious may be right. The fan base for blues/jazz is smaller, for this show anyway. We both let out an "aaah!" when we read Johhny's comment about the couple/taken thing taking away votes for him. My personal belief is the voting is primarily in the hands of a many, many fast-typing tweeny girl army--pink cell phones surgically attached to their hips since birth. Would anyone beg to differ?

Johnnny said...

I would totally agree with Ellen, but strenuously object to all of Herb's thoughts on this very impotent matter. James was a heart stopper, but I somehow revived myself with orange juice. If lusky Jacob wins the whole thing, I might have to go to the wine sale and stock up. The duet of Haley with Casey was way better than that song she picked for her solo. Not good. Now that Casey is out, I predict Haley and James get engaged.

Reagan James' Mom said...

Reagan & I missed the first three singers -- half the group!

James: LOVED! It was nice to hear only his voice in the beginning.

Casey: Very cool. Liked the bluesy feel. How the heck do you spell blue-sy?

Haley: Agreed with Randy...the beginning was just OK but she did pick it up in the middle and finished strong.

Even though we missed Jacob, Lauren & Scotty, I'm putting them in the bottom three.

Saying good-bye: Jacob

Reagan James' Mom said...

Whoa...Casey is sent home! That totally sucks. I had him in the finals with James -- such a bummer. I can't believe he's gone and I still have to listen to Jacob and look at Scotty holding the microphone! Waaaaaaa!

Johnnny said...

Yo Yo Brenna! I feel your pain. How is it that Jacob and Scotty outlasted Casey? At least Casey knew how to hold a microphone normally and he did not scream off pitch while half crying. When Jacob is near the end of a song, he sounds like a siren and looks like a baby bird waiting for its next worm. We are now left with James, Jacob, Scotty, Lauren and Haley. If anyone wins besides James (or Lauren), I might have to start planning my ten year plan. YaNoWhaImSayn?