Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ameri Canidol

Jimmy Iovine is my name. Music is my game.
The Top Nine American Idol contestants were singing tonight to stay in the competition. These are my notes from the March 28, 2012 show.

Singer 1: Colton went from barely singing to cry-yelling (cryell). Don't like his pitchy singing. Score: 6

Singer 2: Skylar did OK but it seemed like just a good karaoke version of a country song. Score: 7

Singer 3: Heejun gave a seriously good performance and deserves to move on to the next round. Score: 8

Singer 4: Hollie is still my favorite and I would love to see her win it. Score: 8

Singer 5: Deandre should never sing falsetto again and stick with trusetto. Listening to that song was torture. Score: 6

Singer 6: Jessica sounded great singing a challenging song. Loved the simple harp to accompany her voice in the beginning. Score: 8

Singer 7: Phillip did a soulful blues version of a soulful Jonny Lang blues song. Score: 9

Singer 8: Joshua got good feedback from the judges but I hated his raspy yelling (raspyell). Score: 7

Singer 9: Elise took on Whole Lotta Love and definitely got the Led out. Score: 9

Bottom Three: Colton, Deandre, Joshua.

Going Home: Deandre.


Ellen said...

I think Jimmy should win this week for flaying his arms (clip from 20 years ago?)with Stevie Nicks.
I felt a little dazed and confused this week...constructive critisim for flawless Holly and then a standing O for others? Philip and Elise were my favs this week. Herb says Jacob could--how do we say it delicately?--take a dump on the stage and the judges would say it was wonderful. I like him but he gets a little screamy for me. Also find it interesting that both Johnny and Herb had trouble listening to Deandre!

Ellen said...
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Reagan James' Mom said...

We missed Colton & Skylar. Here are my comments on the rest:

3. Heejun: After his silly performance and bottom three ranking last week he shaped up and took this week more seriously. It paid off -- good job.

4. Hollie: Really nice.

5. DeAndre: I'm with Johnnny -- didn't like it and I'm not a fan. I was totally shocked he got a standing ovation from the judges! Could it sound that much different live? And I did not like JLo's encouragement for American to vote for him, sorry.

6. Jessica: Very good. Agree with Randy that she has a maturity about her when she sings. She's gifted...but too young in my view, I don't want her to least not this year.

7. Phillip: YAY!!! I was so happy he did well and got a standing ovation from the judges! With all the great performances I was nervous it wasn't going to be Phillips' night. He's my fave!

8. Joshua: He's an updated Michael Bolton...boring. Yes, he has a wonderful voice and can hit all kinds of crazy notes, but he's just not my thing. And I agree, it sounds like he's screaming half the time.

9: Elise: Wow, she rocked it! I was happy for her, too. I actually got goosies toward the end of the song.

Bottom: Skylar, Heejun & DeAndre
Going home: DeAndre (I hope!)

Ellen said...

oops. Guess his name is Joshua. my bad :/
and p.s. though I still dig Idol, I'd enjoy it MORE if they didn't do the "Judges, who do you think is staying/who do you think is leaving?" bit at the end of the show. (Really? Raise your hand if any one really cares...) I suppose they are trying to avoid another Pia-incident but the show loses some of it's spontaneity they start doing that.
On the flip side, this is one of the best years for talent!
p.s.s. Does any one out there know--does this group get to live in the in a mansion? Or did they give that to the judges, too...maybe it's "all work, no play, you're staying at a Super 8 this year". I get the feeling the "fun" writers of the AI show were let go in exchange for...well, something else....
Character development! That's what's missing from the format of the show this year.

Johnnny said...

Ellen: I agree that all those standing Os left me dazed and confuzed. Phil and Elise did great. Joshua could do dry-heaves and the judges would go gaga. Maybe Herb would like Deandre better if he closed his eyes and imagined he is Pia. The judges certainly do not like dishing out much constructive criticism. I think the singers live in a mansion. It is called the Charles Mansion.

Johnnny said...

BrenStar: You did not miss much by missing Colton. Since he did not want to audition, the judges probably feel obligated to love him. HayJune seemed to have a major attitude adjustment. Hollie has always seemed serious about winning but maybe could pick better songs. I too did not like when JLo axed everyone to vote for Deandre. Jessica is good but too young. Phil is a fave but could he not always do those retarded contortions? Joshua is going to pop a neck vein if he aint careful. Elise looked like Robert Anthony Plant if you squinted your eyes. Did Reagan get to see the show?

Kit said...

Wow! Y'all had a lot to say this week! Since I agree with just about everything you said, I'll keep it short:

Loved Phillip...he's my favorite too, Brenstar. Just stellar.

Second for me was Jessica. I got the feeling that song was probably really hard to sing and she did some amazing things with it.

I thought Skylar was pretty dang good, she's just a spitfire. Smart song choice.

Hollie is awesome, but I thought there was too much backup singing in her song...just wanted to hear her voice, not the harmonizers.

The rest were just ok, with the exception of my notes I wrote, "Yuck. It sounds like Prince just stepped on a nail."

Gotta Go: Whiplash (Deandre)

This is super fun you guyz! Love reading everyone's comments!

Reagan James' Mom said...

Hey, hey...Heejun goes home! If it wasn't DeAndre then I'm glad it was Heejun. But, come on, DeAndre wasn't even in the bottom three?? It's probably due to JLo's push for America to vote for him. I know the judges can say what they want, but that's not really fair to the other contestants. I'd be a little upset if I were them.

I don't know if I can take one more week of DeAndre. Hopefully he'll be first so he's done by the time we get home! :)

Johnnny: Yes, Reagan did get to watch last night! And I agree with you about Phillip's facial expressions - they can get a little contorted. If he wasn't so darn good it would probably be more annoying. But when he smiles, he's a cutie. I also think he might need to show a little more personality when he's not performing. When it gets closer to the end, young voters might sway towards someone's personality or look, like Colton.

Reagan & I are enjoying the season! And I agree with Kit, it's fun sharing/reading comments with you all!

Ellen said...

Enjoying these comments also! You guys da bomb.
I am also delighted that AI producers heard my concerns and got those kids into a mansion, lickety split.

Johnnny said...

HayJune! The judges probably should have saved him. I could not believe Miss Hollie was in the Bottom Three. What the heck?! I might have to start voting for her to counteract all those young girls who are voting for Deandre and Colton.