Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Seven To Six

Going from Seven 2 Six
American Idol show notes for April 11, 2012 in order of performance:

1. SkyLar Laine: Still improving, strummed a guitar to a country song, delivered the goods, could win it. Score: 8

2. Colton Dixon: Sat at and played a piano, nice controlled performance and vocals, not his normal red-faced pained look. Score: 8

3. Jessica Sanchez: Sat on grand piano, so good, so mature for her young age, wow, she nailed a tough song. Her singing ability is inversely proportional to her size. Score: 8.5

4. Joshua Ledet: Gave a great performance of a Bruno Marvelous song, great song choice, but a few big notes toward the end turned me off. Score: 8

5. Hollie Cavanaugh: My early fave gave a subpar performance, pitchy, too serious of a song choice, judges were awkwardly negative. Score: 7

6. Phillip your tank: More of the same good stuff. Score: 8

7. Elise Navidad: Great song choice to show off her abilites, slow rock song, maintained control. Score: 8

Best of the Night: Jessica!
Could go home: Hollie!


Reagan James' Mom said...

Reagan & I missed Skylar & Colton. But from the judges comments throughout the show it sounded like they both did well. I think Skylar has a great voice but for some reason I just don't connect with it. Colton is fine. He has moments where he's terrific, but I don't think he's consistently strong enough. Dang, though, those young girls will probably keep him in the game longer than he should be!

Jessica: Wow. I said it before -- she is gifted. Agree with Johnny that her talent is way beyond her years. I think she definitely can win - she's consistently really good. I'm still a little torn about her winning due to her age, though.

Joshua: I liked this way better than his boring, screaming ballads. I didn't think it deserved a standing ovation, but it was great.

Colton/Skylar: Agreed with was OK.

Hollie: She obviously has a nice & big voice but I don't think she's found her niche yet. Maybe she should go country?? I agree with J.Lo, it seems like she's fighting & trying too hard. She's not a natural on stage like Jessica.

Phillip: He's consistently good. Sadly I agree with the judges a bit...that he needs to have show stopper to keep up with Joshua & Jessica. I don't think tonight was it. I'm a little worried he could be in the bottom three (Randy & J.Lo were a little negative on him).

Jessica/Joshua/Hollie: Didn't love it, but good.

Elise: I was mixed. I thought some parts were really good and some just OK. She was definitely better than last week, though.

Bottom: Hollie, not sure about the other two...but believe Jessica & Joshua are safe. Any of the others could be in the bottom three with Hollie.
Cut: Hollie

Ellen said...

Oh what tangled webs we weave, when we choose (as judges) not to believe!
Had a creepy feeling--after watching judges' reactions to Holly and Philip--that we are all part of a big laboratory experiment to see what negative/positive comments do to good singers... Agree with Johnny--very awkward remarks by judges with Holly and Philip...dudes, that's not dope...
Favs this round:
Joshua! I know his name now! Loved his rendition of Runaway Baby and am finally seeing the JL light.
Jessica. Say no more.
Elise. Yo, this dude-ette is crazy good.
Philip. Toned it down and wow.
Think Jimmy should announce next week, the show is over--ALL of them are getting record deals.
Highlight of the show for me was JLo saying, "Ryan I hate you" and refusing to name the bottom three. Refreshing!

Reagan James' Mom said...

Reagan & I are following the results online because we won't be wathcing the show tonight. We'll probably check out James Durbin's performance tomorrow online. Reagan likes the "rockers."

Jessica & Hollie just got split in two.

There's a picture of Hollie from last night during her trio performance and Reagan said, "I like Hollie's clothes." He also said he likes the girl judge the best. Did I tell you he calls Hollie, Hall-ay? That's what we call Haleakala for short. Funny.

Reagan James' Mom said...

Ouch...Phillip joins Hollie! The way the do things you just never know, though. Maybe the final three will be the bottom three? Doubt it. I think Phillip will be safe (crossing my fingers!!).

Reagan James' Mom said...

Whoa...that was the shocker Ryan teased us about! I don't think it's right. Hollie got SUPER lucky. Even though I like Elise, I'd be OK if she got cut...and I don't think they should use their save on her.

Reagan James' Mom said...

Well, we still have 7! I told Reagan I thought the judges would save Jessica or Joshua but not Elise. It was too early for Jessica or Joshua to go home. But...if this happens again there are no more saves.

We've seen this before, the top contenders get voted off. Sometimes I think they don't get the vote because America thinks they don't need the votes - they figure they're safe. Did you all vote? I voted for the first time last week and then again last night. The judges have me pegged -- I voted for my favorite even though he didn't have the best performance. Phillip Phillips!

Talk to you next week...have a great weekend!