Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Back to the Sixties

American Idol Show Notes from May 2, 2012

Hollie Cavanagh: Song 1 - was just OK. Big production but not very likeable. Score: 7 / Song 2 - excellent choice. She finally had a "moment". Loved the 1st part better, before she changed to a higher key. She is peaking at the right time. Score: 9

Phillip Phillips: Song 1 - he did his own cool version of a 60s song. Long on originality. Liked it. Score: 8 / Song 2 - did not do it for me. He popped out his ear-piece early on indicating technical problems. Repeating chorus was too high for his voice. Score: 7

Skylar Laine: Song 1 - chose a CCR song. Nice choice for her voice/style. Good as usual for her. Score: 8 / Song 2 - slow ballad, thought it was great. Liked the more mellow, first part better. Score: 9

Jessica Sanchez: Song 1 - did an OK version of Proud Mary. Nothing special, but a good overall performance. Score: 8 / Song 2 - while sitting on the floor, she sang an intimate version of You Are So Beautiful. So much talent, incredible voice and range. Score: 9

Joshua Ledet: Song 1 - picked a MoTown tune that was actually a great choice for his voice. Not too much of the raspyelling that I hate. Score: 8 / Song 2 - closed the show with a BeeGees song. The judges go gaga over his songs. I strenuously disagree. You won't find a CD of his raspy yelling in my boombox. Score: 6

Top performance: Hollie's 2nd song
Worst performances: Phillip's 2nd song & Joshua's 2nd song
Bottom Three: Joshua, Phillip, Jessica
Bottom Two: Joshua, Jessica
Going Home: Joshua


Kit said...

Boy, tonight was entertaining. This is getting good.

Hollie: Thought her first song was pretty much a snooze. Never heard it and thought she looked like a pageant mom from Arkansas. I totally agree with Johnnny on her 2nd song, though... she had a "moment". That. Was. Awesome. Best of the night for me. Some of those notes were just angelic. Seemed like she went backstage and chugged a big glass of confidence just before putting on that kickass dress. Excellent.

Phillip: Song 1 was pretty cool - he managed to make an old standard sound hip and new. He doesn't need to chug a glass of anything, he just oozes confidence. In song 2, Phillip had his own moment. His WTF moment. As Charles Barkley would say, "Turrible". Oddly, the judges didn't rip him to shreds, so maybe he's passing another kidney stone or something. Yeesh.

Skylar: Pretty kickin' tonight. Liked both songs, but especially her 2nd one - Dusty Springfield...the beginning totally reminded me some of the tunes in Kill Bill. When it turned more country I still thought it was cool...perfect for her & I'm sure her fan base loved both songs tonight.

Jessica: I agreed with Randy that she didn't quite fill the giant stillettos of Tina Turner singing Proud Mary. I also agreed with JLo that it was fun to see her dance. Song 2 was kinda boring and way too vibrato-ish for me, but after reading Johnnny's comment about her singing while sitting down I realize just how incredible she really is, especially for her age. I mean, that girl was barely out of diapers when the Twin Towers were hit, fer garsh sakes.

Joshua: His first song was my favorite performance of his ever. I felt like I was seeing him for the first time...loved the look, loved how he sang, thought it was great, and really liked his moves - very Bruno Mars-y. Song, back to Screechy McGrowler, the judges favorite character. I just don't get that, but whatever. At least I liked one of his songs tonight. That's a first.

So, unfortunately I think Phillip might be in some trouble if any of his adorers actually vote based on performance. Also Joshua and Jessica.

Going home...I'm gonna go out on a limb and say Jessica.

Tomorrow night - COLDPLAY, yay!

Reagan James' Mom said...

Loved reading your comments SUJ & SUK! Mine are going to be very brief as I'm so ready for bed! And Reagan fell asleep around 8:30p - first time that has happened. Must be something in the air!

I definitley think Phillip will hit the bottom 3 for the first time. He was the only one the judges didn't get excited about. I like his style so much, and he's still my fave, but I kinda agree with the judges.

I think besides Phillip, it's hard to pick who will be in the bottom. Hollie has escaped being cut for a number of weeks. And just when you think it's probably her time, she has a pretty darn good night. She may escape again!

Alright, here's my wild guess:

Bottom: Hollie, Phillip, Jessica

Gone: Hollie. I'm just going w/her out of routine...maybe her luck has run out.

Ellen said...

Kudos go this week to...the Johnny blog comments. Almost as entertaining as the show!

Had company AND a long distance phone call so missed pretty much the second round of songs...

Hollie's gaining momentum. Would be a blast to see her win!

Agree with Kit--Philip may have been passing another kidney stone last night. Seemed off.

Skylar is most definitely the Little Engine that could. Though not my favorite, have to concede she does seem to be the most consistant out of the whole bunch...that alone may bring her to final night.

Jessica. LOVE her but somebody should have told her, "eh, eh, eh...stay away from Tina Turner songs!" (who can top Tina when it comes to energy? Correct answer: no one.)

Liked Josh's first song but am thinking whatever that was that Hollie drank backstage, Josh did not partake! Weird. Shy Hollie is becoming More Confident Hollie! and Confident Josh is becoming a bit of a Debbie Downer...perhaps energy drinks were switched by diabolical Ryan or Jimmy?

Have no frickn idea who goes or who stays at this point!!!

Kit said...

Ellen, I love the idea of a diabolical Ryan Seacrest running around backstage sabotaging everyone with a crazy Joker grin smeared across his face, Dark Knight style. Funny!

Brenna, I hope you and Reagan got some good sleep! I'm sure there will be lots of recapping tonight in case Reagan missed anything. I hope he has a few comments for us tonight...I look forward to hearing his take on things!

Tonight: I predict that somehow Gwyneth Paltrow will end up on the show. Seems like whenever her hubby's band plays, she's around somewhere...maybe in the audience with their kids, what are their names? Like Grapefruit and Pirate or something like that? Anyway, that's my prediction. Any bets?

Ellen said...

If I would have been drinking a soda, the soda would have gone right through my nose reading the Grapefruit/Pirate comment! Crackn me up today K Miles! :)

If anyone should be there live for the finale' it should be someone from Johnny's World, don't you think? Here's a link to a possible chance:

Kohl's is the sponsor...can you say "Jenny from the Block"?

Johnnny said...

omygawd: first joshua was safe. then phillip was safe with hollie in the bottom 2. then jessica was safe leaving skylar in the bottom 2. it is almost go time 4 either hollie or skylar. the person being elimiminated tonight: skylar!!

Reagan James' Mom said...

Scotty looked up the results for us (just now) and had Reagan and I guess the bottom two. Reagan guessed correctly while I guessed Hollie & Phillip. Then we guessed who was going home from the final two. Reagan again was correct and I was wrong in guessing Hollie.

It is anybody's game. It makes each results night exciting.

I'm so glad Phillip is still in! I wish he'd do something like Superstition & that Johnny Lang sone. Those were awesome!

Have a good weekend all!

Reagan James' Mom said... :)