Monday, April 20, 2009

Discographically Speaking

American Idol Show Notes
Week of April 21-22: DISCO WEEK

With seven remaining finalists, two will be voted off this week. Who do you think should go? Who do you think will go?


Olive Tree Guitar Ensemble said...

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Johnnny said...

Thank you Olive Tree Guitar Ensemble for your blogpost comment regarding my latest blogpost. We are very excited to see which of the seven American Idol finalists will make it into the Final Five. Luckily, Scott from Scottsdale is already out of the competition. What disco songs are there to sing? They're more for dancing to than singing.

Sam said...

My official prediction is that Matt (who dramatically made it through last week) and Anoop (who the judges have wanted to be gone for a while now) will get tossed. There's no way Adam can ever get kicked off if he didn't get kicked off after butchering Johnny Cash (and I have to admit he is unquestionably the best). Danny Goeke, the punk rocker chick, and Kris will be the final 4. I think 'lil makes it to the final 5. I would like to see my Uncle Johnnnny on this show as I think he would do well.

Johnnny said...

***Three Stars
Adam: Incredible range, good on the big notes, nice voice on softer notes, always right on the note. Like how humble he is during talkings. It's cool he did a slow song during Disco Week.

*One Star
Chris: Cool bongo version with guitar. Don't like when his mouth goes sideways during the big notes.
Matt: Rock version of Stayin Alive but looked like Just In Timber Lake. Pretty Good.
Anoop: I liked it pretty many. He can actually sing quite a lot.

No Stars!
Lil: Pitchy, outsung by backup singers, weak vocals, ready to go home.
Allison: Don't like the rock screech she adds to her voice. She can sing but cannot win.
Danny: Voice sounded tired, raspy, unattractive. Big loud version too much in my face. Sorry.

Sam said...

Lil's a goner, not only the worst performance but her 'tude is going to play against her. Either Matt or Anoop are goners, even though they did well.

Johnnny said...

Sam: I respect yer pinion cuz yore head is on straight plus you gots the right tude. Methinks Lil be gone for shore. Alongwitser, anybody except for Adam Ant would be fairgame. JEM out.

Johnnny said...

Goodbye to Anoop Dog and Lil' Rounds! T'was nice knowing yawl.

Reagan James' Mom said...

Hey Johnnny & Sam...I liked reading all your comments! I love disco tunes so I was bummed I didn't get to see the show last night. From what I have seen it seems like the right people got sent home. It's gotta be Adam, Kris & Danny in the finals -- seems like a no brainer there!

Kit said...

I have to say I wasn't overly impressed with the whole disco thing this week. I'm really glad to see Lil go, but did think Anoop gave a pretty good performance. I feel like a broken record with my comments...once again Adam killed and Kris was my clear 2nd placer. I do agree with Johnnny about Kris' weird side-mouth thing when he sings, but still like him way better than any of the other non-Adams at this point.
Next week PLEASE send Allison home and teach her not to pronounce every word she sings with an H. (Over-rockerness)

Coffee Maker said...

I love how they keep saying "This is the most groundbreaking, shocking American Idol ever" ... every week