Monday, April 13, 2009

Pulp Friction

American Idol Show Notes
Week of April 14-15
Songs of the Cinema with Mr. Pulp Fiction, Quentin Tarantino as the mentor!

Now that Scott from Scottsdale is out, we can get down to business. I am posting this on Monday since I will be conferencing in Orlando the rest of the week. All show notes can be entered as comments below as we document history in the making.


Beth said...

Johnnny, have you stopped sobbing yet from Scott's departure?!?! :O)

Tarantino will certainly add an air of surprise to the show. You never know what will come out of his mouth ...

Johnnny said...

I'm thinking QT-pie is going to be a straight shooter and not sugarcoat his commentage. We know Adam is going to be great. I would love to see Lil be Big this week. Somebody else has to step up because it seems like Danny GoKey has hit a plateau. We shall see. I shall be watching from my room in Orlando!

Johnnny said...

In order of how many STARS they got from me:

**** 4 Stars!
Adam: Born To Be Wild. Incredible. Got tingles. Way Too Good.

* 1 Star
Allison: Good performance.
Anoop: Personal best.
Danny: Raspy traditional version.
Kris: Very nice but a bit pitchy.

Zero Stars!
Matt: Nothing song, lost control.
Lil: Pitchy (high side).

Beth said...

Anoop sang his best so far.
Adam - always a good performance but even I have to say that he did a lot of screaming this week. I liked Mad World better. And I'm a rocker!
Allison - SUCKED.
Danny - zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Kris - like the song, his version was adequate
Lil - disappointed me again. Liked it all the way up the gospel stuff.
Matt - bye, bye

Kit said...

I agree with you Beth...Allison sucked. She does absolutely nothing for me and I'm always surprised that the judges give her so much praise. I'd be happy to get rid of her exaggerated rockerness.

Once again, Adam is just on a totally different level. He's really quite something. Not that I love every song he does, but it doesn't seem like he can land on an off note! The only thing that could stop him from winning would be if all the teeny-bop girls get turned off because of his boy kissing pics online. Otherwise, I'd guess it's a done deal.

I will say I really liked Kris again last night. I love that song and thought he really did a nice job with it. about a nosedive. Remember at the beginning? She seemed so awesome. Now every week she's just a dud firecracker that you keep hoping will pop but never does.

Danny...fell a notch for me. Nothing exciting, pretty predictable. Borderline boring at this point.

Anoop...pretty good, but a little like a wax statue compared to Adam.

Matt...Trying too hard and it's backfiring. See ya.

Susie said...

I hate to admit it but I found it mostly boring. I actually fell asleep during Matt's performance. I definitely think Adam is the best.

Johnnny said...

What about the use of their one-time save on Matt? C'mon! Was he really worth saving - could he ever possibly win the competition? They didn't think Alexis Grace was worth using their save and I thought she was a potential winner! Instead of the Top 10 going on tour, it should have been the Top 11. Now, next week for Disco Week, they are going to have to send two people packing.

Kit said...

Yeah, do NOT understand saving Matt. I stand corrected in my previous prediction that they'd wait until the last show to use the save. This was a big surprise and probably a waste since he'll probably just get voted off again next week. Weird.