Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mericano Idolization

American Idol Notes - April 7, 2009er.
Songs from the: Year They Were Born.

Act One
Danny: 1980-Stand By Me. Las Vegas Nightclub version. OK.
Act Two
Chris Allen: 1985-All She Wants To Do Is Dance. Didn't stand out in the performance.
Little Rounds: 1984-What's Luv Gots 2 Do Wits It. Not as good as Tina's version. Backup singer-ish.
Act Three
Anoop: 1986-True Colors. Better than his usual. Liked original way better. Didn't do it for mwah...sorry.
Act Four
Scott - hated it (don't hate him) hate sound of his singing voice (and talking voice) and his looks don't mezmerize me ither. Embarrassing to watch...sorry.
Allison: '92 Bonnie Raitt. Nice choice for her. Really liked it overall. Tender notes sound great. Might even consider purchasing that version.
Act Five
Matt: 1985-Partime Lovers. Pretty darn good. Slower jazzy rock version. More than OK.
Act Six!
Adam will win this competition (now that Alexis Grace got mistakenly booted). Perfect pitch and crazy vocal range. Incredible. Want to hear more.
1st Place: Adam
2nd Place: Allison
3rd Place: Anybody but Scott!


Beth said...

My DVR stopped right before adam's performance! What did he sing?

Kit said...

Okay, so I hate to seem like the crazy sister that always thinks the game is rigged, but...
If I wasn't convinced before that the show is contrived, I am now. Give me a break, like Kris (who is hip and cool) would have picked "All She Wants to do is Dance". Come ON! This seems so transparent to me. I really think that the contestants are getting stuck with songs that they have to sing, which sort of helps the good ones seem bad and the bad ones seem good. Why would anyone pick the lame songs that most of them sang tonight? Really!?

Clearly Adam is in another league. To me, it feels like AI is just trying to figure out how to keep us all interested enough to keep watching until the end. Hence the lame Kris, so-so Danny, amazingly good Anoop, and let's-give-him-another-look Matt. Our favorites didn't shine, but (OMG) the not-so-faves did great...so maybe it IS a competition! :)

(Sigh), well thank goodness Johnnny doesn't believe me...I hope I'm wrong, but it seems like Idol has become yet another well-oiled calloused money making machine...I only wish when they hired Kara they would've hired another PR person to make it a little less obvious.

Johnnny said...

Beth: Sorry to hear your machine possibly malfunctioned. Adam's song had something to do with "MAD WORLD". I wasn't totally familiar with it, but it's now my new fave. :o) During the entire song, there was a teal/aqua light shining from behind down onto the Next American Idol. Unfortunately, the show (and Adam's song) ran over the top of the hour a bit which is why your machinery probably shut down, so the only judges' comment we got to hear was Simon saying "Standing O!" so I think he liked it. His performance would probably be viewable on their website.

Reagan James' Mom said...

Hi! It was fun reading your comments since I missed the whole show -- except for about 30 seconds of Adam. And obviously he was amazing from the judges response and from Johnnny & Kit's responses, too.

I'm sorry I can't totally participate with full commentage but I still like reading all your comments. If I'm looking at the schedule correctly, I should be able to fully participate when it's down to the final three!

From the clips I saw at the end of the show...Scott has got to go! Not only is he not good enough but he is so hard to watch (I'm sorry if that sounds snooty)!

Beth said...

Saw Adam's performance on YouTube. All I can say is WOW. That was of the "Billie Jean" moments of this year. Honestly, how is anyone going to beat him.

I'm really disappointed in AI this year. I do agree with some of the things Kit mentioned although I believe Kris really did pick that song!

And I also agree that I can't hardly stand to look at Scott anymore - his 15 minutes has passed. Every time he performs, my husband shouts, "Please, put on some sunglasses!!"

What the hell is up with Lil??!?!?

Beth said...

BTW - I knew the song Mad World. It's also on computer game that my husband has. It's a great, haunting song to begin with. What a wise song choice for Adam too. Of course, he's been my fave all along!

Reagan James' Mom said...

I turned on AI to see what was going on and they were singing a group song. Scott looked so awkward...it's amazing he made it this far. I was really hoping this would be the end of his run. Then I went online to check the results (I didn't want to watch the whole show) and I was so happy to read Scott he got sent home.

Happy Easter!

Johnnny said...

Hi Brenna: Yes, Scottsdale got sent packing (or at least off the performing stage). It was more RELIEF than happiness for me. The judges were split 2/2 on whether to save him, which I thought was very lame. Thank goodness Simon made the decision which Johnnny TOTALLY agrees with, as you know. If they would have used their save on Scottsdale, I would have gone packing (from the show).

Reagan James' Mom said...

I can't believe any of the judges wanted Scott to stay...would they really have wanted to waste their "save" on him? Come on, now...I really don't think so!

Because I've missed so much of this season I didn't know Scott was blind, or almost blind, whatever it is...now I feel bad for saying he was hard to watch...but he is/was! Even if he did put on sunglasses I don't think it would help all that much. He just moves too akwardly and looks way too uncomfortable on stage. If he wants a singing career he's going to have to be like Stevie Wonder -- wear sunglasses and just sit. But he's a long way from a Stevie Wonder-like voice.