Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rolling Rockers

American Idol Top 12

Singer (Their Score)

Crystal Bowersox 9.0
Lee Dewyze 8.5
Paige Miles 7.6
Casey James 7.5
Lacey Brown 7.3

Middle Group:
Didi Benami 7.0
Andrew Garcia 6.5
Aaron Kelly 5.6
Michael Lynche 5.5

Siobhan Magnus 4.3
Tim Urban 4.1
Katie Stevens 3.0


Kit said...

Well, I'm back on the Crystal bandwagon again. Wow, she's really awesome - seems like she's on a whole different level than everyone else. I'd love to hear her do something a capella - could be a Bo Bice moment.

Unfortunately, it felt like Lacey kind of bombed tonight. I'm thinking it's probably pretty hard to sing anything Rolling Stones with a voice like hers. Still, I liked her better than Siobahn...weeeeiiirrrrdddd....the judges loved her but I thought she sounded screechy and, well, weeeeiiiirrrddd.

Guys: Loved Lee Dewyze and agreed with Simon that he needs to realize that he's really quite good. I can't wait for the week he gets to do Dave Matthews - think he'd sound amazing.

Also, really liked Casey doing his Stevie Ray Vaughan-ish thing tonight. He did that during Hollywood week and I remember thinking he was pretty cool. Or maybe I was just distracted by how CRAZY good looking he is. That guy will definitely have a modeling career if this singing gig doesn't pan out.

I think I'm officially over Andrew Garcia unless he can get his funkiness back. I really thought he'd be this year's Blake - somebody totally different who I'd be looking forward to seeing each week. Dude, que pasa?

Gotta Go:
1. Katie Stevens. Puhleeeaassse, she's so bad it hurts.
2. Michael Lynche. Muscles, yes. American Idol, no.

Beth said...

I'm a Sioban fan but I agree, that was totally weird and really, downright awful. I'm not sure what the judges saw - but I disagree.

I thought Andrew did better tonight although I'm still not totally wowed. Casey surprised me! That was my favorite performance of his so far.

In total agreement with you on the girls - it's Katie's turn to go PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! Ugh .... but I also think Lacey is in trouble too. I do really like her voice but didn't think this was a good week for her at all.

Boys - Tim Urban: Your time as come. Big Mike ain't far behind either. I agree with Simon - what was with all the awkward dance moves. Your 15 minutes of fame are over ....

Sam said...

Last night was the first time Ashley (Mrs. Miles) or I had watched this season, that whole wedding thing took up a lot of time. I had never heard of any of the contestants and had no idea what to expect.
I thought the group as a whole was pretty bad until Crystal played - she's badass. The Mexican guy and the guy that sang the reggae version were awful, one of them has to go probably the reggae guy. I liked the Kenny Wayne Sheppard imitation and the blond girl that sang second, mainly just because I like that song.
The guy from Chicago was the second best, but Crystal is clearly the best. The Showabun, or whatever, girl was decent but really awkward. I felt like the judges were pumping her up for no reason, trying to make her like a Adam Lambert clone. The wimpy kid was OK too, but he looks like such a wus. If anyone sneezes he'll be blown away.

Johnnny said...

Kit: I agree with everything you typed because you're always right (and so am I).

Beth: Even tho Tim Urban reminds you of family, it's definitely time for Tim & Katie Stevens frat girl to go because only the top ten get to go on tour.

Sam: Your insights and descriptions are insightful and delightful. Crystal Bowersox is and shall be your next Americanidol.