Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Top Elevens

American Idol Top 11

Singer (Their Grade)

Crystal Bowersox A+
Lee Dewyze B+
Michael Lynche B+

Casey James B-
Didi Benami B-
Aaron Kelly C+
Andrew Garcia C+

Tim Urban C
Siobhan Magnus C-
Katie Stevens C-
Paige Miles D+

1 comment:

Kit said...

This is starting to feel a lot like last year when at this point we were all already saying, "Ok, obviously we know who's going to win, so who's going to be 2nd?" I know Adam Lambert didn't win last year, but you get my drift. I suppose it's unlikely that Crystal will win either, actually, being that teenage girls make up the bulk of the vote. Maybe that's why Casey seems like he's just laughing his way through this thing. I'm wondering if they're intentionally holding him back (why would anyone seriously pick Huey Lewis?) so that Crystal has some surprise competition in the latter weeks.

As for the rest of the pack...
Lee: hopefully will keep progressing and really go for it some week. Dave Matthews, Lee...
Michael: Just not my thing, but better than a bunch of these guys.
Didi: Pick a decent song and she could change positions quickly, but for now she's like sad serious vixen-wanna-be girl with bad high-note facial expressions.
Andrew: that creative spark musta been a fluke.
Siobhan: reminds me of some eastern European export who doesn't actually speak English or understand American culture but is trying to be a rock star and it's all just super strange.

All the rest are just filler for me. I hope Paige Miles still has laryngitis or something, because if that's really how good she is it's hard to imagine how she ever made it on the show in the first place. She should probably go after last night's disaster, but if Katie Stevens got voted off for being a cheesy deer-in-the-headlights ding dong, that would be just fine too.