Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Top 10

American Idol Top 10
This Week Winners
1. Crystal Bowersox A+
Excellent. Wanted more.
2. Lee Dewyze A
3. Casey James A-
Any one of the following could be going home:
Michael Lynche
Didi Benami
Andrew Garcia
Katie Stevens

Probably in the Bottom Three:
Tim Urban
Aaron Kelly
Siobhan Magnus - Pitchy screaming.


Kit said...

Some pretty good performances last night! Crystal's piano thing wasn't one of my favorites, but she had a few segments that were nutty good. I loved both Lee and Casey. Agreed with the judges that Lee had his best night ever. I think Casey could do a lot more with his voice, but I'm glad to see he's really solidifying himself as more than just a hunk.

Siobahn really seemed to go haywire in that song...almost like she couldn't hear herself. Also, Aaron sounded pretty weak.

Didi, Didi, Didi...what the? She keeps picking these total downer songs - it's really getting boring. Also, her overly fragile thin skin is getting a little annoying too. Granted, it seems like the judges rip her apart more than the rest, but maybe that's because it's so obvious she's about half a second away from a total breakdown whenever she faces them and they're angling for a little sadistic entertainment. Even though I don't think she's the worst singer, I wouldn't be surprised if she went home this week. For the record, I don't think I'd do too well handling all that criticism either, but I didn't try out for the show. So.

Unfortunately, someone at Midcontinent was asleep at the helm and our Fox station was completely out for Tim, Andrew and Katie's performances so I can only speculate based on the recap clips, but it didn't look like any of them were too impressive.

Based on what we saw, I'd say the bottom 3 are:
Michael Lynche

Going home: Didi

Johnnny said...

KitStar must have used part of her female intuition to sense that it was going to be time for Didi to go home. I mist the big show because I had a nap appointment.