Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Toast To Elvis

American Idol Top 9 (again)
Songs of Elvis

Two will be eliminated tomorrow.

Top Group (should be safe):
Crystal, Lee, Casey, Mike.

Middle Group: Tim.

Bottom Group (in danger zone):
Andrew, Aaron, Siobhan, Katie.

Prediction on the two that will be eliminated:
Andrew & Siobhan.


Beth said...

Johnnny - I pretty much agree with you but I think it's Aaron and Andrew. I didn't like Siobhan at all this week (again) but I think she's a crowd favorite and she'll be OK.

Big Mike redeemed himself and Tim gave a good performance too. Casey's was boring although he sang it well. Loved Lee's rendition of "Little Less Conversation" but SMILE MORE LEE!!! Look like you're having fun instead of having a root canal. Jeez ...

Reagan James' Mom said...


I finally got to watch AI! I missed the first two songs and the fourth song but caught the rest. I liked seeing Adam Lambert as the guest! I thought he gave good, constructive advice.

Tim: I liked it! Cute guy. :)
Aaron: OK. Not quite strong enough for that song. I agreed with Adam that he could have been more aggressive.
Siobhan: I thought the first half was a little slow but she sure showed off her pipes in the second half! I didn't like her Elvis hair.
Michael: It was nice.
Katie: I thought it was really good. I liked her energy -- it was lively.
Casey: Since I haven't heard him before, I liked it, thought it was solid.

Going home: Aaron & Andrew

Kit said...

Hey, fun to see your comments, ladies! I think it goes without saying that Crystal is just a natural, but I would like to see her do something totally out of the box like sing "Amazing Grace" with no guitar or something. She's awesome, no doubt, but I think it'd be cool for her to mix it up a little.

I am so surprised to say that Tim might have been my favorite last night! I like the purity in his voice when he hits bigger notes, and that was the perfect way to show that off. Go figure.

Agree with Beth that Casey was boring, but I liked how he moved with his guitar, totally seemed like a pro in that way. Also agree that Big Mike proved he was worth saving..."In the Ghetto" was pretty nice. I wasn't as nuts about Lee, felt a little yell-y to me.

Katie actually sounded pretty good (again, I can't believe I'm saying this, just hated her in the beginning). Unlike Lee, she doesn't seem to struggle with confidence, which is kinda fun to watch. Siobahn - ugh. I just don't get her. Yeah, she has a strong voice, but her style is this weird opera-acid rock hybrid that's not working for me.

Andrew: trying too hard to sound like the male Amy Winehouse & not pulling it off.

Aaron: no clue why he's still there. Compared to the other contestants he's reeeeeeally lame.

Going home: Aaron for sure, hopefully Siobahn, but probably Andrew.

Reagan James' Mom said...

As you know I've just started up with AI this season, but even I could see that Aaron was a weak link...and he made it through! Too bad for Katie.

I've seen Adam Lambert perform a handful of times & although I'm a fan, I haven't seen a performance that I've totally loved. I wish he sang more like he did on the CD you gave me -- that I love!

Johnnny said...

At least the two that got voted off were in my bottom four. Since we don't have the SAVE anymore, I'm glad somebody like Lee didn't get sent home, with no chance to reverse it. Andrew had become boring. Katie was always weak. Now we are down to our bottom seven. Time to drink some Seven-Up!