Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Just Betwain Us

American Idol Top 6 - April 27
Shania Twain Night

From Top To Bottom
1st Place - Crystal: loved it, even tho judges didn't
2nd Place - Lee: liked his version of Still The One
3rd Place - Casey: Not bad, quite OK, eh?
4th Place - Big Mike: Pretty good, man.
5th Place - Aaron: Better than Siobhan.
6th Place - Siobhan: Time to go home now.


Beth said...

Best performance of the night was Casey. I had never even heard of that Shania song but it was really, really nice DAWG! Ranks up there with "Jealous Guy" for me.

I really want to like Lee. He's the closest thing to a "David Cook" kind of artist but his "golly, gee, aw shucks" kind of look each time is starting to wear on me. The rendition of the song was just alright to me. Nothing special.

Big Mike: OK, I get it your an R&B singer. Now it's time to go home.

Aaron: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Crystal: Totally understood what the judges said about it. I thought it was just ok. She's the only one that really brought any country into their performances.

Siobhan: So much potential but then resorts to screaming every note. *sigh*

Going home: Big Mike or Siobhan

Kit said...

I gotta disagree about Crystal...I thought it was grrrrrreat! Maybe that's because I saw the Grateful Dead when I was younger and watching her brought back a lot of those memories/feelings. She's just so up my alley I can't dislike a thing she does.

Thought Casey was pretty good, but it didn't blow me away. Better by a mile than last week tho. He should be safe this time.

Aaron. Again, not sure who's voting for him. Thought he was in way over his head a while back and I can't believe he hasn't suffocated yet.

I agree with Beth about Lee...yeah, I want to like him, but it seems like he's just not adapting to the bright lights of Idol. Needs some star power.

Big Mike...totally think he's near his end.

Siobhan. Puhllleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaase let it be her...I don't think I can stand any more of her little world.

Bottom 3: Mike, Aaron, Siobhan
Going home: I pray for it to be Siobhan or Aaron, but I'll guess Big Mike.

Johnnny said...

I believe the pronunciation of Siobhan is SHUV-ON. I hope it is time for her to SHUV-OFF.

Reagan James' Mom said...

Hiiieee...I missed the show last night -- whaaa.

I just read all your comments and I think you're about to find out who's going home (it's 7:51pms in Fargo right now.

I agree with Johnnny's last comment...SHUV-OFF, Siobhan!

Johnnny said...

Well, Brenna, our wishes finally came true. Shuv-On did have to Shuv-Off. Nobody seemed to be crying at all. We are now left with four guys and Crystal Bowersox. Next week is songs of Frank Sinatra. Harry Chronic Junior will mentor.

Beth said...

OK, who will be the dolt that will tackle "New York New York?" Will anybody be so bold?

Harry Connick Jr. is one of my ALLTIME FAVORITES. I can't wait to tune in ... How in the world will Crystal tackle the "Chairman of the Board"? :O)

Kit said...

I too love Harry Connick Jr., Beth! He can be really funny, I hope he turns that on next week. I'm not sure if Frank Sinatra sang "It had to be you" or not (I know HCJ did) but I'd love to hear Casey do that...he needs to kick butt soon.

I bet Aaron sings "My Way". Can I have some crackers with that cheese?

Yeah, what will Crystal do with that genre? Ironically, Siobhan probably would have done pretty well with Sinatra songs. Not that I want her back. No, no, no.

Brenstar, hopefully next week you'll be able to catch the show - it's always fun to hear what you think! Maybe The 4 Seasons should have a special class offering: Idol Aerobics, sweatin' with Simon!

Johnnny said...

Sweating With Simon. That pretty much describes how it must feel to be standing up there on live TV after singing to millions and then have to listen to the Simon Says Show. I love how bluntly he can rip into someone's performance all while sounding quite civil. Sorry! I do like the idear of Idol Aerobix tho. Super Sweet Action. Just like Michael Jaxson. Dancing with the Stars. BrenStar Aerobix.

Kit said...

Dancing With SwanStar! There you go Brenna. We'll expect a finder's fee in the form of weekly shipments of pineapples, macadamia nuts and Kona coffee. Haaaaaa?