Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Top 7

American Idol Top 7
Inspirational Songs

Top Group: Crystal.
Middle Group: Lee, Casey, Mike.
Bottom Group: Siobhan, Aaron, Tim.
Going Home: Siobhan.


Beth said...

Nobody was redeeming this week aside from Crystal ... I'm so glad she ditched the guitar!

Casey: zzzzzzzzzzzz
Lee: I didn't like it very much. What did the judges hear that I didn't?
Tim: Song was way out of his range.
Aaron: I fast forwarded during his whole performance
Big Mike: boring
Siobhan: Talks too much and way too dramatic

Bottom two: Siobhan and Tim.

Was it just me or did Alicia Keys offer NOTHING!

Johnnny said...

It was good that Crystal went last. It made her stand out from all the other lesser performances. Quite honestly, all the rest are in the bottom group. I just put the bottom group into an upper bottom and lower bottom group. I agree with you Beth that their mentor did not really add much. Maybe that was part of the problem. I do hope Siobhan goes. She belongs on some reality show where people live together in a house and discuss their problems.

Reagan James' Mom said...

Hi...well it looks like we're all in agreement about last night's performances.

Casey: missed it
Lee: I thought it was a cool version, I liked it.
Tim: sounded like a high school musical -- amateur
Aaron: better than last week & probably better than Tim but he's still weak
Siobhan: OK; I agree that she talks too much. Reminds me of Brook from a season or two ago in that regard
Mike: technically decent but not great for me
Crystal: terrific!

Bottom two: Tim & Siobhan...hope Siobhan goes home

Kit said...

Crystallized! Once again, awesome. Thought it was great that she got rid of the guitar too, and loved her in that dress. Wow. I think she's so cute when she kinda giggles with Ryan.

Disappointed in the rest, especially Casey. He could have really done something cool...just imagine if he'd done like a Martin Gaye "What's Goin On" or something.

I have to say it at least felt like Lee was trying. I just wish he had a warmer personality. Hard to like him when you never really get a sense of who he is.

OMG, Siobhan really has to go. It's kind of too bad because she clearly has a great voice, but she's so NOT hip or modern or remotely cool...her singing style is so weird and vibrattoish - very old fashioned to me.

Unfortunately though, I thik Mike might end up going home tonight. Although I'd love to see it be Siobhan or Aaron, they never end up in the bottom group. God knows who's voting for them, but I'm just saying...

Just think, if it IS Siobhan tonight then it'll be Crystal against all the other dudes!

Reagan James' Mom said...

Wow, Siobhan did it, she's safe again...and not even in the bottom three, just as Kit mentioned she never is.

Tim was a cute guy but was not going to be the next AI. I agree with you all that Crystal is definitely the front runner -- I don't see who could beat her.