Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lennon McCartney Night

American Idol Top 9

1. Aaron Kelly Long & Winding Road C-
2. Katie Stevens Let It Be B-
3. Andrew Garcia Can't Buy Me Love B
4. Michael Lynche Eleanor Rigby B+
5. Crystal Bowersox Come Together A
6. Tim Urban All My Loving B-
7. Casey James Jealous Guy A
8. Siobhan Magnus Across The Universe C-
9. Lee Dewyze Hey Jude C

Winners: Crystal & Casey
Losers: Siobhan & Aaron


Beth said...

Loved Casey's Jealous Guy and I had never heard that song before so was pleasant suprised. What the hell was Lee thinking?!?!? Such a great song and he sucked?!?! Argh!!

I like Crystal but she is really starting to sound the same on everysong. Katie (and Tim) did very well tonight too. I liked Tim's almost Jason Mraz-type vibe to the beginning of his song.

Going home: Andrew

Johnnny said...

Casey was probably the best of the night with Crystal a close second. I like her easy confidence, even when she had a cold.

Any of these could get voted off tonight: Siobhan, Aaron, Andrew, Tim, Katie.

Hopefully Lee just had a bad night. It's like his lack of confidence is trying to sabotage his performances.

Kit said...

Yeah, I agree that Lee completely sucked last night. I thought at one point that he might just quit singing...sounded like his first time practicing or something.

What was with the judges? Did they all take too many happy pills? For sure I thought they'd blast Lee and Siobahn - there would have been a million criticisms for either of them, especially from Simon.

Beth, I agree about Katie...last night was the first time I ever thought, "Huh, she can actually sing." Not 100% sure about Tim, although he does have a really smooth voice...just maybe not a lot of range.

For me, Casey was the best, probably because Crystal is so predictably good that it's expected she'll blow it out. I really liked his song - I told Johnnny it felt like we were at a concert when he was on stage. Excellent.

So, maybe it will be the battle of the blondes in the end! That'd be a first.

Not sure why Aaron is still here, so I'll predict it's bye bye for him. Or Siobahn. She needs her own reality show called "Nothing's Going to Change My Weird Wacky World."