Wednesday, May 19, 2010

American Idol Top 3

The Final Three performed last night and all seemed worthy (to be in the Top 3). I hope the Final Two will either be Crystal/Casey or Crystal/Lee. It seemed like Lee was over-rated and praised by the Judges. A Crystal/Casey finale would be wonderful. Crystal is always so good. After she sings a song, I usually want to hear it again. Casey is good enough, as long as he sings songs suited for his voice. Lee seems quite raspy and a bit yelly lately and is starting to remind me of Joe Cocker. I hope Lee goes home, leaving a Crystal/Casey Finale.


Beth said...

It was a strange night. Not "wowed" by anybody really. Is it me or does it seem like Casey's has thrown in the towel. All the hype in the media and the judge lovefest for Lee - maybe he can see the writing on the wall.

Good points about last night:
I did like Crystal's "Baby I'm Amazed" - of course, it's probably one of my top 10 favorite songs EVER. Loved the high notes.

Casey could have really killed "Daughters" but I thought it was kind of flat. Simon really did have him pegged on that one.

Lee: hmmmmm .... First of all, HATED Hallelujah. If another Idol contestant sings that song, I'm going to puke. That's the best that Simon could come up with for him? Disappointing.

Johnnny - I like the Joe Cocker reference. I can definitely hear it in him.

Notice how they hardly showed any footage from their homecomings? I liked seeing that in previous years.

My prediction: It'll be Lee and Crystal and I think it's going to be VERY CLOSE. Lee has all of sudden become the crowd and critic favorite ....

Kit said...

Hey y'all...

I'm not sure if I agree with you about the Lee/Crystal finale Beth. It seems like when the judges stop criticizing any contestant it's like the kiss of death - like they know it's the end of the road and they're just trying to make it seem like you're still in it.

I agree with Johnnny that it'll be Crystal & Casey at the end with Crystal winning by a landslide. To me, she's just so much better than the rest it's a joke.

I wasn't nuts about any of the judges' choices for songs for the contestants. Thought 'Daughters' was out of Casey's intimacy range; thought 'Baby I'm Amazed' was weird because Crystal had to keep singing Maybe I'm a Man; agreed with Beth that 'Hallelujah' was a lame choice since it's been so overdone.

I heard something about the final shows being shorter than originally planned because the ratings have dropped a bit. Maybe that's why the homecoming footage was so short. I agree, that's always a fun part of the final 3 thing, so it does suck that it was so aborted. Supposedly, the final show is only going to be half as long as originally scheduled, so probably a 1-hour instead of 2-hour.

So, in summation: Crystal and Casey get my votes for the top 2. The blonde leading the blonde.

Reagan James' Mom said...

Idol is over but I don't know who went home (it's only 4:30pms here). My prediction was big revelation there.

I wasn't crazy about Crystal last night. I agree that she was the front runner, but I agree with Beth, Lee is rising up and if he does well next week (assuming he made it to the finals) he could win.

I'm hoping it's Lee/Crystal in the final showdown. If Casey is in it I think it will be pretty anticlimatic.

Reagan James' Mom said...

OK, I cheated and went online (4:35pms here). So happy it's a Lee/Crystal finale!!

Johnnny said...

Brenna and Beth both predicted a Crystal/Lee finale. Casey will do fine (as an actor on some soap opera). I am just glad Siobhan is not a finalist. If Lee wins, it will be like having another Kris Allen. Sorry.

Reagan James' Mom said...

I caught the very end of the results show so I saw Casey singing, Daughters. Since I've been out of it most of the season, who was that little girl he was holding while he was singing? Whoever she is, it fit the song, since she's someone's daughter. :)

Johnnny said...

BrenStar: When Casey sang Daughters after getting voted off, I totally thought it was unplanned spontaneity, but Kitz smelled some pre-plannage there.