Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Final Performances

2010 May 25/26 Final Shows!
Lee or Crystal
Crystal or Lee
American Idol
Who will it be?


Beth said...

nobody impressed me! Get this year over with! Bring that six pack of Heineken tomorrow Johnnny!

Johnnny said...

We went out to eat at Mexican Village for Kit's free birthday dinner and came back home to watch American Idol which we had set to record. Our DVR successfully recorded the whole show but it came through all blank. At 9PM the local Fox News came on apologizing for having had a power outage. They were doing their newscast almost in the dark, with the two anchors only lit with a small light from one side. After watching Idol all year long, we did not get to see the final performance show.

Johnnny said...

We did get to see the Tuesday performance show on Wednesday at 5PM. Then we watched Idol on Wednesday from 7-9PM. I am so disappointed that Crystal did not win. I predict Lee will be another Kris Allen (weak winner who goes on to do little). Crystal would have been such a better conclusion to this year. What about when she performed with Alanis Morissette? Where was David Cook when all the previous winners came out and sang for the good-bye to Simon? Janet Jackson should go on tour singing and performing exclusively only brother Michael songs. The way she sounds and moves is so similar to MJ. I can't wait to see Crystal Bowersox come perform at the Fargo Theatre (if we could be so lucky).

Beth said...

I agree David Cook was conspicuously (sp) absent - as was Adam Lambert. But David has given a lot to Idol this year. He was a large part of Idol Gives Back and has performed I believe twice on the show. And Adam was a mentor! This was a time that previous winners could shine. DC wouldn't diss the American Idol machine - it's been too good to him.

I agree tho ... Crystal did deserve to win - she has way more talent.

Beth said...

David Cook update! Found this on USA Today ...

"Cook had a charity event in Kansas City, his rep said.

Another popular Idol alum who was missing from the finale was Adam Lambert. Lambert's rep told Access the Season 8 runner-up didn't make it because he was put on vocal rest. Adam, who is on tour, confirmed the vocal rest via Twitter. But, he also tweeted that he was "never asked to appear on the finale in any capacity."