Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Jamie Foxx Mentors

American Idol Top 4
Songs of the Cinema


Kit said...

The last time I commented I was under the impression that the contestants were going to be doing Ray Charles songs, but Johnnny let me know that they're just doing movie tunes...oops, my bad. Aaaaanyway, that should be even more fun!

I still hope someone does "Come Rain or Come Shine" - love that song, especially the Leaving Las Vegas version.

I wonder if anyone would dare do anything from Moulin Rouge? Adam Lambert would have!

Then, of course, Mama Mia opens up anything ABBA, so...

Well, it should be interesting. Will they be singing 2 each tonight?

Johnnny said...

I thought Crystal wins first place tonight. She took a Kenny Loggins song from Caddy Shack and turned it into something I would want to hear her sing in concert at the Fargo Theatre. A for Awesome. Casey gets second place. I liked his very unplugged simple version of Mrs. Robinson. He needs to keep his eyes open more. Lee and Big Mike tie for third place. Both were OK but nothing to write home about. Sorry. The duet by Crystal and Lee was my favorite probably of Lee's singing partner, but they did sound great together.

Johnnny said...

That should be: probably "because" of. Crystal is peerless on this show. I hope she never gets voted off.

Kit said...

Johnnny, I concur with everything you said except I think Lee was clearly in last place for the solo songs. He just didn't do anything with that song and he's not good enough to try and outdo Seal. Also, I thought it sounded like he had rehearsed too much and his voice was shot.

My fave of the night was actually Casey...not because he did better than Crystal but because he sucked so much last week that it was nice to remember that he can actually sing pretty well. I thought he changed that song quite a bit and made it cool...not sure what the judges heard. Also, can we please let the Kara Cougar BS die once and for all?

Thought Mike was pretty good, I gave him a 7. The buildup was nice but when it came time to hit the big notes (like Michael Jackson did) it just didn't happen. Jamie Foxx warned him...

Of the 4 I think Lee should go home if for no other reason than he just doesn't seem to have any emotions, good or bad. Plus his solo was lame. It's possible that his duo with Crystal (which was killer) could save him, but he's my vote for See Ya.

Beth said...

bring back Adam Lambert and David Cook. This show sucks without them!

Johnnny said...

Beth, I have a feeling you might have to make room for the new kid on the block. It's going to be Adam's Lambert, David's Cook, and Crystal's Bowersox!

Reagan James' Mom said...

Yay...I got to see the whole show tonight! Here's my scoop:

Casey: Song #1...For him I thought it was pretty good. #2...I really like that song & I thought he did a nice job.

Crystal: Song #1...Not my fave. It seemed like she was just yelling over and over, "Come to my window!" Also, I'm sure there wasn't anything to do about it, but the placement of the harmonica was a little awkward. It seemed like it was in her way. I wish she could have pushed it down when she wasn't using it (which was most of the time). #2...Definitely better than the first song but it still seemed like too much yelling. I've liked her in the past but tonight she was just OK for me.

Lee: I'm a fan! I thought he stole the show. Even though he doesn't smile much I think he's just shy. I thought he showed a lot of personality in his performances. Song #1...I thought he won round one but I wasn't as ga-ga about it as the judges. #2...LOVED IT!

Going home...Casey