Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ol' Blue Eyes

American Idol Top 5 Show
May 4th, 2010
Francis Albert Sinatra Night
Mentor is Harry Connick Jr.

Your remaining contestants are:
Crystal Bowersox
Casey James
Lee Dewyze
Michael Lynche
Aaron Kelly


Kit said...

Ol' Blue Pupils sang a lot of great songs...hopefully this will be a fun night! It could either be really cool or really cheesy. Luckily, Harry Connick Jr. pretty much oozes cool so we should be safe. I'm most excited to see if Casey pulls a rabbit out of his hair and scores a killer performance. Least excited to see: Aaron. Also, WWCBD? Should be interesting!

Johnnny said...

First: I know my colorization of Frank's eyes might not win any awards for realism. Second: You can click on the contestant names in the above post to see more info about them. Kit: Your usage of the acronym WWCBD probably has its origin in WWJD, which I think stands for: What Would Johnnny Do? Answer: Johnnny will probably vote for Crystal Bowersox.

Reagan James' Mom said...

Hi. I'm so lame...I missed the second 1/2 of the show tonight. In the first round it appeared Big Mike performed the best. Even though the judges didn't think Crystal did so well, I still thought it was good. I think they're expectations for her could be a little higher than the rest of the gang.

I'm not an Aaron fan. He's a sweet kid but he just doesn't have enough oomph, a little boring for me. I think he or Casey will get the boot.

Reagan James' Mom said...

Correction: they're should be their (I rewrote the sentence and forgot to change that word).

Johnnny said...

In order of performance:

1-Aaron: Fly Me To The Moon. OK.

2-Casey: Whatever it was that he sang, it was bad from start to finish. Real bad. Pitchy. Vibrato on long notes sounded like a sheep.

3-Crystal: She sang Summer Wind. So good. Wanted to hear it again.

4-Mike: Sang The Way You Look Tonight. OK.

5-Lee: Sang That's Life. This was as good as Crystal, if not better.

Winners: Crystal and Lee.
Worst: Casey James!

Kit said...

Yeah, I agree with you guys that Casey could be going home. I was really hoping that he'd do something great, but unfortunately it was super awkward and just plain bad. Good looks just aren't gonna be enough at this point.

It almost seems like Crystal's been told to hold back so that it seems like a real competition. I think she could've done more with her song...that being said, she's still gotta be the one to beat.

Lee seemed to really shine the most last night for me. He had this kinda cool swagger that seemed straight out of the Rat Pack era. I'm guessing he'll be safe tonight.

Mike was pretty good and Aaron actually did better than I expected, but they're just not my faves. I agree with you Brenna that Aaron seems like a sweet kid but just doesn't have the "it" factor. Still, if we're just going on last night's performances I'd say Casey's heading home.

It'll be fun to hear Harry Connick Jr. tonight! It was so cool how he played with the band last night - I think he was the best mentor this season!

Reagan James' Mom said...

Sweet Aaron goes home. Casey was lucky this week!

Crystal seems like she has this locked up unless she totally blows over the next couple weeks...or unless Lee keeps picking it up.

I agree with Kit, Harry was a great mentor with useful info!

Johnnny said...

I was glad to hear (since I was napping during the show) that Aaron got the boot since he was not going to win, or if he did, it would have been like another Kris Allen. The only two that seem worthy are Crystal & Lee. Ray Charles is going to mentor next week. I predict Casey goes back to holding a guitar.

Kit said...

Glad to see Aaron go I have to say, but Brenstar is correcto in saying Casey was lucky! Once again, I have high hopes for him next week - I mean, if he can't kill on a Ray Charles song he's in trouble.

Jamie Foxx should be a good mentor...he generally seems to say it like it is, plus he played Ray for Garsh sakes.

I hope Crystal really lets loose next week - kinda missing that. Lee could really do well too. Are they going to start doing 2 each now?

Either Lee or Casey HAS to sing "Georgia on my Mind".

I'd love to hear Crystal sing "Come Rain or Come Shine".

Maybe Big Mike should sing "Hit the Road Jack". Just a thought.