Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Back To The Future

  American Idol goes to songs of the 21st Century. Seven contestants will soon be down to Six. Here is how Johnnny ranked them this week: #1 Casey Abrams: A+ In it to win it. So frickin good. Matches his best so far. #2 James Durbin: A- Awesome as usual. Not that crazy about it. Bit extreme. Futuristically cool. #3 Haley Reinhart: B+ My favorite of hers so far. Not too growley. Bit of the yodeler. Great choice for her. Nicely confident. #4 Scotty McCreery: B+ Nice medium upbeat performance. On pitch. Safe but boring. #5 Lauren Alaina: B+ Enough to stay in competition. Just OK. Needs to step it up. Enough make-up for a week. #6 Stefano Langone: C+ Tone of voice is shrill. Stopped singing half way thru. Trying to be too sexy man. #7 Jacob Lusk: C+ Don't pick songs that make you start crying. Tired of Mr. Overly Dramatic Scream Fest.


Reagan James' Mom said...

Scotty: That was funny during Scotty's clip the other contestants talked about how he holds the microphone -- just like we did last week! I wonder if they think it's as annoying as we do? I actually liked his song tonight. I agree that it was probably safe but I thought it had a little more pizazz than usual.

James: Did I tell you James is Reagan's favorite? Reagan has his class at church on Wed. nights and gets home about 7:30p -- that's why we miss the first few singers sometimes. When we get home we watch AI together while he has something to eat! OK, that was a little side note for SUJ & SUK...back to James. I like James a lot but I had a hard time getting into this one. It was a great performance, though. I'm hoping for a Casey/James final!

Haley: Mega-dittos Johnnny!

Jacob: Nice that he sang to his dad but I didn't feel it like he felt it.

Casey: I'm a fan of Maroon 5 & Casey -- awesome job!

Stefano: Disagreed w/Randy...I thought it was karaoke-ish.

Lauren: Just pretty good. Agree with you again, Johnnny, regarding her make-up. She's so young, why is she caking her face?!

Bottom: Scotty, Jacob, Stefano
Cut: Stefano

Johnnny said...

Yo BrenStar: I was glad they made fun of Scotty. How he holds the mic is probably annoying to everyone. I wonder if James could ever sing a song normally? Even singing Happy Birthday, he would probably hit those weirdly super high notes. WT? It would be nice if Casey made it to the final two. Agree that Stephano should GO!

Kit said...

Hi Everybody! Brenna, that's cute that you guys watch Idol together after church class! I can see why Reagan likes James - he is pretty entertaining!

My fave this week was Casey. During his song I said "I'd go to this concert." Thought it was fun that he went down & kissed JLo too. I'm probably a bit partial because I love that Maroon 5 song, but it really fit him & I dug what he did with it.

Thought Haley looked gorgeous and did pretty well...she should definitely keep going in that direction.

Jacob kinda won me over just by his composure during that song. Having to go without an earpiece must be really tough and he took it pretty much in stride. Didn't love the song, but I give him a lot of credit for how he handled that hiccup.

James: Thought the highs were too high. Also, I don't really like that Muse song so I didn't get into it either. I'd love to hear him do something by like Sting or Michael Jackson...get a little more creative.

Lauren: I'm on board with the too much makeup thing. Still, I'm a fan of hers. Seemed like the arrangement was rushed - I often think that - but her voice sounded good.

Scotty: Once again, if I just don't watch him I think he sounds great, but why, especially after everyone pointed out that he sings kind of geekishly, doesn't he work on his performance and up the coolness? Little Dubya just ain't hip.

Stefano: Hearing that he is a big flirt only turned me off more. For me, he's a nope.

L8TR: Stefano

Ellen said...

I must be in mourning for Paul or something...having trouble coming up with comments this week! But love reading everybody else's. To me, Haley did a great job this week and so I'm still trying to figure out when and why the judges say the things they do...
Deeply contemplative at this point...soaking it all in...

Johnnny said...

The last 2 letters in Stefano are NO. The last 4 letters in his last name are GONE! He made it farther than Pia and Paul, and I think he got eliminated at just the right time. Jacob is next.

Reagan James' Mom said...

AI: 4/27/11

Reagan & I missed the first three singers -- half the group!

James: LOVED! It was nice to hear only his voice in the beginning.

Casey: Very cool. Liked the bluesy feel. How the heck do you spell blue-sy?

Haley: Agreed with Randy...the beginning was just OK but she did pick it up in the middle and finished strong.

Even though we missed Jacob, Lauren & Scotty, I'm putting them in the bottom three.

Saying good-bye: Jacob

Reagan James' Mom said...

Whoa...Casey is sent home! That totally sucks. I had him in the finals with James -- such a bummer. I can't believe he's gone and I still have to listen to Jacob and look at Scotty holding the microphone! Waaaaaaa!