Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rockin Roll Week

American Idols rockin the house
Tonight's American Idol show was Rock and Roll night. What a great theme for our nine singers to perform within. Everyone did well but someone will have to be eliminated. Sorry! I really enjoyed seeing Todd Rundgren (my favorite musician) get introduced from the audience, right after Pia had finished her yelling.

My performance notes in grouped order:

Top Group:
James Durbin sang Guitar Gently Weeps. Started a little boring but quickly got great. Very Adam Lambertish. Quite Durbinesque. Love that he takes chances.

Middle Group:
Haley actually did justice to Janis Joplin! Really liked it.
Jacob sang Man in the Mirror. This was the most that I have ever not disliked him.
Lauren did a nice job of Natural Woman, but bad hair and too mucho makeup.
Stefano: Surpri-sing-ly good sounding performance but could he ever open the eyes?
Casey sang Have U Ever Seen The Rain? Mist some due to a DVR pause mishap but saw the final recap. Why does he have to end every line with "eeee-ah" and look intensely evil for a second?

Bottom Group:
Paul McDonald had a farm: E-i, E-i, No! Johnny Cash would have gone thumbs down, but Rod Stewart probably loved it.
Scotty (beam me down) needs to learn how to hold the microphone normally. His Elvis didn't move the Pelvis.
Pia picked a nothing song that I didn't care for and she didn't do anything great with it.

Going Home: Paul. (Really going out on a limb!)


Ashley said...

Hi Johnny!
Ashley chiming in this week from NYC.:)
My order from favorite to not so lovin:
1. Scotty, gotta this little guy and liked his performance this week. I thought that he brought personality to it,charisma, overall my favorite.
2. Casey-Love his voice, HOWEVER, really cannot stand the weird faces and grunts. I think that if he just stuck to his voice and played his instruments w/o the crazy facial expressions he could be a top contender.
3.Haley--solid performance, coming into her own, more confident on stage which I like
4. James Durbin--Liked that he simmered down this week, softer side.
5.Paul--I've liked him in past weeks, one of my favorites, however didn't like his goofy dances at the end. Just like our friend Casey, needs to stick to his unique voice/style and keep the goofiness to a minimum
5. Jacob--liked his performance this week, he makes me smile. So passionate, great voice, yet feel like every week I know what I'm gonna get
7./8 Lauren/Pia, same to me. Great voices, however feel like we get the same thing every week.
9. Stefano-good voice, JLO has a crush on him and is bias you can tell. Not digging him, on the cheesy side. See ya later Stefano!!!

Reagan James' Mom said...

I got to watch the whole show!!

I wrote with much more detail but lost my message as I hit the enter button. :( Because it's late and I'm too irritated to rewrite my critiques, here's my bottom line:

Bottom three: Lauren, Pia, Paul

Bye-bye: Paul

Johnnny said...

So, Ashley likes Scotty! He definitely has his own niche. Just wait until Country week, when Scotty can sing a Randy Travis tune. Kit thinks Scott looks like a young George W. Bush. My friend Herb thinks he looks like Alfred E. Newman from Mad Magazine. I think he looks like Opie aka Ron Howard. Stefano could be in the bottom three this week. That might open his eyes.

Johnnny said...

Hey BrenStar: If Lauren or Pia go, that would leave only two girls and six guys. Paul will hopefully be in the bottom three, and get the boot. Tip: After typing up comments, I always highlight my full comment, and then hit "Ctrl C" to copy it, just in case it is lost in the process, and then you can paste it (Ctrl V) into the comment box for another try.

Beth said...

Wow - were we watching the same show here?!?!?

Top 3 performers: Casey, Paul and Scotty. I am not a country fan and I hate Scotty's Southern schtick but he nailed that Elvis song. Agree with comments about Casey's facial contortionss but I loved his rendition and really dug Paul's Johnny Cash!!!!!! He didn't sound like Rod Stewart - that's what I liked.

James - I like him but I havent' been wowed with his last two weeks. "While my guitar ...." is my FAVORITE Beatles song - hands down and I'm not sure he did it justice. I really wanted to like it but i'm on the fence.

Forgettable: Haley - enough growling. Pia - lots people liked it - just ok for me.

Bottom dwellers: Jacob (enough already), Lauren (bad song choice and looked like she belonged on Hennepin Avenue) and Stefano.

Going home: Wish it was Jacob but it will be Stefano.

Ellen said...

Dear Johnny's World, For the sake of fun and time, we submit our comments in tandem this week:

1. Casey.
Herb=Casey Basstoven.
Ellen=Casey MoBassey, you nailed it, bro.
2. Haley.
Herb=Haley's comet, you can come around EVERY year.
Ellen=that's my girl! (This mother is so proud) Would love to see her get more confident every time and make it into the top three. She's that good. Just has to keep her game on.
3. Jacob.
H=Here's some windex.
E=Jacob, what mirror are we talking about here. Maybe,same song every WEEK mirror?
4. James.
H=Durbin, you had me crying in my bourbon.
E=great timing for a slower song from him. He's taken great risks this season, all good. Still in my top three.
5. Lauren.
H=Bundle full of talent,just a couple years to go.
E= there you go, count-roul. She's gaining confidence and as Martha Steward would say, "it's a good thing".
6. Paul.
Left Herb speechless (i.e. no comment).
E=Paul's got his signature shake going on again. Welcome back, Paul. Just figured out why I like Paul so much--he's a mixture of Elmo (and that's a good thing--don't nobody go messing with my Elmo...) and someone who just burned their hand on the stove, yet,is happy about it. How many singers do you know able to channel that kind of Elmo-energy, sing-with-a-burnt-hand enthusiasm each performance? Add rasp=hero in my book. May not win, but he is one of the very few I still plan to buy his cd when this is all said and done. If he ever sings Rod Steward's Have I Told You Lately, just grab a bucket and mop me up. I will be a puddle.
7. Pia.
H=I'd say she came to do what she needed to do last night--still don't like it.
E=Pia. Pia,pia,pia.
H=Whole lotta love for Scotty.
E=Noticed I started bouncing in my barko when Scotty two thumbs up for little GBW.
9. Stefano.
H=that was really gooooood. StefanYES!
E= Go StefanOh!

Parting comment from E: Have no idea who will make it into the top three anymore...(they all seem to be giving it all their heart and soul now) And that's precisely why this show is so dog-gone good! Who knows where this plot will go? AI is a "read" you can't put down! ;)E

Reagan James' Mom said...

OK: I slept off my irritation, so here are my more detailed comments. :)

Jacob: I LOVE this MJ song. I'm going to agree with Johnnny's quote, "This was the most that I have ever not disliked him," but he's still not one of my faves.

Haley: I liked her rocker look and I thought she rocked the house!

Casey: I liked his version of this CCR song better than CCR's...liked it a lot!

Lauren: Very good but not as unique as the first three. Kind of "safe" as the judges like to say.

James: Reagan's favorite! It was nice to see a different side of him -- really nice.

Scotty: The best I've seen of him. I agree with Johnnny about the microphone -- that has bugged me from the first time I saw him.

Pia: She finally picked it up a bit, however, it just seemed like an up-beat ballad. Half way through I thought it got a little more rockin'. I agree with J. Lo, she needs to keep growing or she won't last.

Stefano: Similar to Lauren, but I liked him better.

Paul: He's kind of fun but just a little too kooky.

Bottom three: Lauren, Pia, Paul
Out: Paul

Johnnny said...

Wow! Lots of comments this week. I was just checking all the predictions as the show is just starting here. From reading everything, it sounds like everyone pretty much agrees with me. Thanks!

Reagan James' Mom said...

Wow, Pia is sent home! She was in my bottom three but I'm still a little surprised, but not disappointed.

Johnnny said...

Yo BrenStar: I too was a bit surprised, but not disappointed. The bottom three were: Jacob, Stefano, and Pia. Jacob was sent to safety (but Ryan gave him a good scare). Then Pia was announced as the person with the lowest number of votes! If anyone has been wondering what PIA stands for: 1. Paid In Advance. 2. Pass It Along. 3. Planned Incremental Availability.

Johnnny said...

Beth: Johnnny agrees with you that the performance(s) of Pia were forgettable. With only 3 women and 6 guys, I was just a little surprised a woman was sent packing. Kit thinks it is mostly young girls voting, which is probably what is saving Paul.

Ellen: I love the two dimensional comments. You two work well together. Next week, you might each get your own score sheet! Regarding Hotpants Haley, did not Herb first comment something about wanting to ride Haley's Comet?

Kit said...

Sorry, I'm a little late to this party...looks like there was a lot of input this week!

Gotta say I thought it'd be Paul going home. Even though Pia is kind of a snooze, I thought Paul was the weakest. However, I agree with Brenstar & Uncle Johnnny, not disappointed.

My faves this week were super odd for me:
#1 was Jacob! Usually can't stand him, but thought he did a great job & really benefitted from some restraint.

#2 was Scotty! He sounds a lot better if I don't actually watch him...he comes across quite geeky and I just can't get past the Dubya resemblance, but his voice is great with my eyes closed.

#3 was Lauren. Sounds like I may be in the minority here, but I like her. With only 2 girls left, I can say she's my favorite, especially when I consider:

Cannot say enough how much I too hate Haley's GROWL! When she just sings her tone is beautiful, but jeez knock off the ggggrrrrroowwwwlllling.

As stated, I would've picked Paul to go home, but Pia works just fine.

I really hope James Durbin blows it out next week, kind of missing his energy.

BTW: Brenna...I cannot tell you how many times I've lost everything I typed up over the years of doing these Idol posts, so I totally know the feeling! Glad a nap was all it took to erase the frustration :)