Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Songs From The Movies

The countdown continues with songs from movies
American Idol marches on with Songs From The Movies night. There are so many tunes from which to choose. How could you ever pick just one?

My notes in groups from best to non-best:
James: I'm not a heavy metal fan. T'was incredible. He's being true to himself.
Casey: Great jazz version of Nature Boy. Successfully takes chances. True artist.
Lauren: Best woman left in the competition (only one other). Great song for her.
Paul: Crowd pleasing singalonger. Unique but limited.
Stefano: Not pleasing to my ears. Strained. Wouldn't want his CD even if it twas free.
Scotty: Opryland here we come. (He should have sung his first choice.)
Haley: Average performance. Bad choice of song. Nicely dressed.
Jacob: Overly dramatic. Self indulgent. Predictably lusky.
Going Home
Stefano or Haley!


Ellen said...

Shoot! I just typed a whole commentary and lost it, like your friend did last week. And I usually save first. That's what I get for typing tired. Will try again later. Pretty much agreed with all you said this week, Johnny. 'Cept just didn't see what the fuss was all about Casey or Jacob or Lauren this week. Think the judges were sipping Nyquil this week.

Kit said...

Movie Night was interesting. Overall, I'd say I was kind of disappointed, but there were a few that stood out:

Casey: Thought this was very close to being super cool. It definitely took a lot of confidence to get up there and do something so different. Love the upright bass and he's obviously a real individual creative talent. On the flip side I don't like the evil scowl/snarl he does all the time. Maybe he's picked up some bad habits from dating Haley. Can you imagine their makeout sessions? "Grrroowwwwwl, Snarrrlll, Grrrr, Rrryeeow".

James Durbin: YyyyeahIIIIdontknow. I mean I just think he could be so much more interesting than a Metalhead. Still like him, though. It really doesn't seem like he cares much about winning, just having fun up there. And meeting Hulk Hogan. I think I've been expecting him to be the next Adam Lambert so I'm never satisfied. Oh, Adam Lambert...

Lauren: Starting to believe she may develop enough maturity to turn herself into something here. A Carrie Underwood in the making?

In the Middle:
Scotty: Good song choice.
Paul: Eh. Just not my thing.
Stefano: Double eh.

Jacob: Seems like a sweetheart, but (I agree with you, Johnnny) is just so melodramatic.
Haley: Ah, back to the overly sexual performance...yawn. This was an off-pitch train wreck from the first note. As one of only 2 girls left she could have done just about anything as long as it was funky and cool, and she picks "Call Me"? Oy.

Down for the count:

Reagan James' Mom said...

I missed Paul, Stefano & Lauren.

Scotty: He's always solid but country music is not my thing so it's hard for me to appreciate it.

Casey: I liked it, very cool. I'm glad it worked for him -- I wanted him to do well. Agreed w/Randy that it had a Michael Buble feel.

Haley: Up and down. Agree -- bad song choice. Loved the boots, though. :)

Jacob: I haven't been a fan but I thought this was pretty good as the screaming was finally under control.

James: I'm not a heavy metal fan but he gave a great performance and sounded great as well!

Bottom: Paul, Stefano, Haley.
Bye-bye: Paul

Johnnny said...

Rearranging the letters:
Pia Toscano = Piano Tacos
Paul McDonald = Cadman Lupold
Lauren Alaina = Annual Aerial
Jacob Lusk = Jack Bolus
Haley Reinhart = Hearty Inhaler
Casey Abrams = Massacre Bay
James Durbin = Sideburn Jam

Reagan James' Mom said...

Paul finally got sent home. He was kooky & fun but I agree with America.

Johnnny said...

I agree with Brenna and America. It was finally time for Mister Whiteeth to go. As a group, we did an excellent job of picking the bottom three. Paul, Haley, and Stefano. One thing is certain: {No more Paul.}

Kit said...

If we were betting on this show in Las Vegas, Brenna would have been buying margaritas last night! Good powers of prediction, SwanStar!

Reagan James' Mom said...

Dank u! I wish I could meet you guys for a few months! :)