Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Arrested Development

Judge Randall Darius Jackson

American Idol notes for March 14, 2012
Top Group:
Phillip could contend for the crown.
Joshua really gave a great performance.
Hollie is still my favorite to win it.
Upper Middle Group:
Elise was surprisingly good this round.
Skylar deserves to keepon keepin on.
Colton's skunkhead wasn't all bad.
Lower Middle Group:
Jessica was not great this time.
Heejun is likeable but too breathy & pitchy.
Deandre can't win but is OK.
Erika was blandly karaokesque.
Bottom Group:
Shannon is the weakest link. Good-bye.
Jermaine (already gone, needed a-rrest).


Ellen said...

I think I'm agreeing on all comments! Except for the two girls starting with the letter "E" ...which one's Erika? Which one's Elise?
Especially like your title (Arrested Development) and background music (The Bionic Man). As the American Idol Judges would say, "Way to push the envelope, Johnny!" :)

Reagan James' Mom said...

Reagan & I got to watch the whole show! Here are our comments:

1. Phillip...really enjoyed it. I just like him. He seems so natural and just fun and easy to watch. He's Reagan's favorite.
2. Jessica...I could hear her powerful voice but the song didn't seem to highlight it like last week. Good, but not her best.
3. Heejun...Reagan said, "Not the french guy," and then, "A sad song again." Me, OK, but nothing to be excited about.
4. Elise...something about her reminded me of Mariah Carey. She's obviously not as good as Mariah, but I Iiked this.
5. DeAndre...Reagan said, "Why does he keep looking at me?" Funny! This was boring - I wanted to turn the channel to Criminal Minds. If Reagan wasn't in the room I would have!
6. Shannon...I didn't like it as much as the judges.
7. Colton...Reagan likes him because he's a "rocker." I thought it was good. I actually liked the beginning more than the upbeat part of the song - the song that nobody knows.
8. Erika...She sang it well but I'm not sure I like her deep voice.
9. Skylar...Great job.
10. Joshua...Best of the night so far.
11. Hollie...Really good. She's a cutie. Reagan likes her. :)

Top three: Joshua, Phillip, Hollie
Bottom three: Heejun, DeAndre, Erika
Going home: Heejun

Kit said...

Reagan, you are fuuuunnnnnnyyyyy!

I pretty much agreed with everything y'all said.

My fave of the night was Phillip. And after kidney stone surgery? Holy moly. He reminds me of Dave Matthews so much that it's impossible not to love the way he sings.

Hollie: Singing Celine that effortlessly? Come on, that's crazy town. Especially when you're like 4'9 & 80 lbs. She's incredible.

Joshua: I haven't liked him in the past, but this was pretty amazing.

Colton: Agree with Brenna...dude, can you pick a song that we know next time? He's kinda cool tho.

Jessica: Didn't like the song, but I agreed with the judges: LOVE THOSE PANTS!

Skylar: Great tone and so spUNKy.

DeAndre...too slow and WAY too much vibrato. Did anyone else notice his blue eyes?

Elise...better than last week, but it sounds painful when she sings sometimes. Like she might start spitting up blood or something.

Heejun...too airy for me.

Erica...yawn...karaoke. She did look pretty tho.

Adios, Shannon. If she were playing our dice game, I would say her name says it all. A Shannon? Ha?

Johnnny said...

we R about 2 watch the thu night results show. thanks 4 all the comments and strong opinions. just remember U can spell "onions" with somuv the letters in the word "opinions". i agree w/everything everybody said except 4 anything that was more than 50% negative.

Reagan James' Mom said...

Wow...all ladies in the bottom three! "Evey" though two out of my bottom three were guys, I wasn't surprised Shannon & Elise ended up at the bottom. Most singers didn't do that great last night - except for Phillip, Joshua, Hollie & Skylar. :) I'm with Reagan & fave as of now is Phillip!

We're looking forward to next week...but until then...hooray for the weekend. Enjoy!

Johnnny said...

eye am just glad that shannon went home instead uv someone else that i gliked beddah. all faves are goin on tour evey tho i probly will not go see them. yo brenstar: happy half birthday on green saturday!