Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ten To Nine

Mr. American Idol: Ryan Seacrest

Long story short: We missed American Idol tonight. Johnnny played piano this evening. We set the show to record. The red light was on from 7-9 but nothing got recorded. Kit and Johnnny will have to read your comments to hear how the show went tonight. The Top Ten were going to perform and one person gets eliminated on Thursday night. What was the theme? Who did well? Who is going home?


Reagan James' Mom said...

Oh, bummer! When Reagan & I miss the show we watch it later online. Just go to the AI website and you can watch!

Tonight was Billy Joel songs. I was surprised to see a stylist on the show -- Tommy Hilfiger. It seems like an interesting idea but I'm not sure I liked it -- or maybe it was just his advice. I thought he put too much weight on the fashion, which I get coming from him, but he acted like bad fashion could end their career. I think once these idol contestants move on, they do change and sharpen up their style, but I just felt like he was pushing it on them too soon. I'm not a fan of P.Diddy and I thought his advice was hit & miss.

Alright, here are our comments:

We missed the first two, DeAndre & Erika.

Joshua: really good...however, he's a bit too normal for me. He's done a great job the last two weeks but nothing else about him is interesting to me -- yet.
Skylar: she has a really good voice but this wasn't her best.
Elise: the best I've seen of her. I really liked the parts where she wasn't screaming. I was surprised to see the judges standing -- I didn't realize it was that good.
Phillip: I liked the last two weeks better but this was still very good and he's still my favorite! He's so unique. He definitely "makes it his own" as the judges (especially Randy) like to say. I thought Tommy, Jimmy & Diddy all did a bad job with him and I thought maybe this messed with his head a bit. I was glad the judges agreed with me and stood up for Phillip!
Hollie: I know she has a wonderful voice but she didn't do so well with this one, and it was a bit boring for me, too.
Heejun: OK, was he placed on this show purely for entertainment?! He cracks me up, but I really haven't heard a great performance from him yet. He should move towards being a stand up comic!
Jessica: she's back! I can't believe that is a 16 year old voice! When you see her behind the scenes she seems 16, but when she comes on stage and sings like she did tonight and two weeks ago, it's amazing to think she is just 16 -- crazy!
Colton: I wasn't a fan until tonight...really liked it! Reagan said, "Does he have something going on with his eyebrows?" (He was moving them around a lot.)

From the clips at the end of the show, DeAndre looked silly. The bouncing and the flipping of his hair is not working -- not for me anyway! I couldn't really tell how Erika did, but she did change her hair to black!

Bottom: DeAndre, Erika, Heejun
Going home: Heejun

Reagan James' Mom said...

Reagan wanted to watch more AI this morning so we did! Caught DeAndre & Erika. DeAndre was not good and Erika was fine.

After watching Phillip again, his rendition of "Moving Out" was very cool! I actually like something Steven Tyler said, "You Phillip Philliped that song." That's so true...that's what Phillip does! Not everybody can change a great song and make it sound cool. In fact, it's usually the opposite. I also really like something Randy said to him..."You know who you are." There are so many young contestants (not that Phillip isn't young, but you know what I mean) and sometimes the songs seem too mature for them...Phillip seems ahead of them in that area and just more comfortable/natural on stage.

Tops for sure: Phillip, Colton & Jessica!

Reagan James' Mom said...

Reagan is going around the house singing, "Superstition is the way!" That's much better than the, "I'm sexy and I know it," that he picked up from a boy at school! :)